You Must Abide By These Rules In A Open Relationship

The Open relationship is becoming very popular now a day. Many people are adopting this form of relationship as their prime choice and if not then at least the taboo regarding the same is minimizing. But there are many rules you must follow in order to save your relationship from being a jealous mess.

open relationship

1. Fix Boundaries

Whether it is physical or emotional, setting up boundaries are very important in an open relationship. Because the heat of the moment can make you do things which you might regret later, so it’s better to talk about it in advance and remember what you have planned. This will make your relationship free from disappointment.

open relationship

2. Don’t Hook Up With Every Other Guy You Like

The biggest mistake people do in a non-monogamous relationship is that they don’t set their limit. You cannot date every other guy you see on the streets. Also, there can be a situation where your new guy has a past with your existing partner and they are sort of enemies or vice versa. So clear everything out and create a line between whom you should date and whom you shouldn’t.

open relationship

3. Distribute Time

Open relationships work when you balance your time. So talk with each other about when to meet new people and how much time you both will dedicate together for this relationship and so on. If necessary divide days in a month on which you’ll meet other guys/girls and save the rest for both of you.

open relationship

4. Sharing IS CARING

Make a mutual decision on how and what detail you both will share about your new hook up and to what extent you both are comfortable. Or you will say nothing and just go with the flow. Firstly, understand that not just open relationship but any connection works on the grounds of trust. It is very important for both of you to have a feeling of mutual trust and respect towards each other. So it is always better to share most things in order to develop faith and conviction. But in the end its all up to you!

open relationship

5. Be Truthful With Every one

Most of the couples who share an open relationship are mostly scared to share their status with other people. Either due to embarrassment or the fear of being judged, they prefer not telling anything to others. And if you are one of these then should prepare yourself to hear them often saying ‘I saw you guy/girl cosying up with someone else’. So, you are more likely to get stuck in this situation. It is rather better to be clear and fair with people. There is nothing you should feel shy about.

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