World’s Most Amazing Hideaways

We live a very hectic life in today’s time due to the running life that we are a part of. We don’t get to know when the day is over with the snap of our fingers. Life is no longer fun now as we are too busy taking it very seriously and we are bound to do that.

We all are too busy in our lives that we don’t have time for our family and for us. That’s why I have come up with some beautiful and exotic hideaways so that you can visit there and enjoy your quality time with your loved ones. It is complete peace and isolation that will only fill you with solace and happiness. 

So, let’s begin with the list of enchanting hideaways around the world that you should be travelling to some day to these luxury escapes

luxury escapes
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Terrific tree house

Remember, in childhood how we used to make our own bed and house in very unique ways. What if I tell you that if you have some place like that so? Yes, you heard that right I am talking about tree house. Imagine that you are living on the tree for some time. You can escape here in greenery and peace and you can live here until you want.

The only problem is that you have to arrange your food accordingly here as there will be jungle all over. This is one of the most wanted and world’s most amazing luxury escapes

luxury escapes
Picture credit – Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals

Mountain hut

Looking for some peace place and some adrenaline rush? Well, Mountain hut is exactly for you and you can enjoy the quality time with your loved ones without any interference.

Hundreds of lower mountain crests peak through the morning haze across the horizon and resemble rubble across a daredevil’s playground. This will be the perfect hideaways for the people who want adventure.

luxury escapes
Picture credit – Alpine Modern

Fire Shelter, Denmark

If you are more of like adventure person  then fire shelter is the place for you and if you ever travel to Denmark then you can go to this place and live the life king size. It is an egg like plywood hut which has a simple circular bench around a central fireplace.

It is also ventilated by a hole on the top of the shelter and two people can stay in one fire shelter. There are a lot of people that come here for weekends and it is one of the amazing hideaways around the globe.  

luxury escapes
Picture credit – walesOnline

Hen Glyn, Brecon Beacons

Hen Glyn is A listed cottage and you can see Mountains all around you. That is called Black Mountain. A wood burning stove heats the whole lounge and you will also get a central heating throughout the time.

There is also a hot tub outdoor that means you can have quality time with watching mountains and enchanting views. It is said to be one of the most amazing luxury escapes on planet.

luxury escapes
Picture credit – Unique Home Stays

Luxury farmhouse, Powys

Luxury farmhouse is basically a detached property and it is set in its own grounds with mesmerizing views of countryside. The place offers a great peace of mind and you can also escape from all the noise pollution that you find in the metro cities.

The cottage has private lane and it is situated at very peaceful place where there is not much noise or pollution. Patio doors open out on to the large decking and luxury hot tub area which leading on to the garden.

luxury escapes
Picture credit – tyhenhenllys.wales

Bwlch y Gliced, Ceredigion

This property is of a working family and you can enjoy the time with them. You also get to see the life of Welsh countryside from this cottage and it really looks beautiful. Whilst also being quite nearby Talybont village which has a large amount of basic amenities products.

It is private and enclosed garden area with a hot tub and also has garden furniture to enjoy the calming countryside enchanting views that you cannot get over with. This place is one of the most amazing places if you are a person who likes secret places to hide.

luxury escapes
Picture credit – Booking.com

Taff Merthyr Lodge, Merthyr Valley

There was a time when this cottage was a office buildings for the local mines and remained for 30 years on from the closure of the last coal mines in the small valley. Now, the office has been turned into a 5 star hotel or you can also say a lodge.

The lodge has made in such a way that you will fall for the lodge as well as for the amazing location that the hotel is surrounded with. There is also a tub of hot water where you can easily relax and enjoy the breathe-taking views of the nature.

The lodge has everything, cinema room where you can watch movies and games rooms for children and luxurious washrooms and rooms.

So, these were some of the luxury escapes that you should visit once in your life and for more travel related updates stay tuned! 

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