World’s color changing animals that we bet you didn’t know existed!

Animals are the best creature made by God and they all have different functions and systems. Each one of them is special and something good in them. So, today we will talk about some world’s colour changing animals that you never knew existed. So, begin with the list of colour changing animals

Pacific Tree Frog

The Pacific Tree Frog is one of the colour changing animals in the world. They are commonly found in West coast of the North America. They have different from that of sticky toe-pads.

These toe-pads are highly helpful for them and it keeps them maintaining the grip and climbing on plants and branches easily. The best part of this frog is that they can adapt the same color of their background. They can camoflaouge easily.

The colors that they can turn to is green, tan red, brown and green. They change their color just to be get away with the predators that can eat them. It is also one of the colour changing animals

colour changing animals
Picture credit – animalia.bio

Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox is one of the beautiful foxes that we have ever seen. It is also adaptive and she mainly lives where there is a really high temperature like in extreme cold areas. She has an ability to survive in a freezing temperature as low as -50 degree Celsius. Their thick fur keeps them warm from inside and that’s the main reason why they can survive in such cold state. Their rounded body shape and short legs and ears also help them to keep their body parts warm and this is how they get away from the extreme cold.

Whole time during the winter, the Arctic Foxes keep on their white fur and that’s the only reason how they are surviving there. This thing is there as the Arctic foxes can catch their prey easily without much hurdle.

colour changing animals
Picture credit – greenpestsservices.net

Golden Tortoise Beetle

The Golden Tortoise Beetle is a very small insect that is usually found in North America. They are commonly known as ‘Golden Bugs’ as they have golden colour all over them.

The changing colour probably is the main thing that makes them so special and lovely in the families of beetles. Whenever they feel they threatened they change their colour and it happens within 2-3 minutes.

Usually they aren’t that harmful but once they change their colour they will look dangerous insect. Golden bugs could make a narrow escape by their rapid color change. It is also one of the colour changing animals


These fishes you will find in mostly all the Ocean’s across the globe and it is also one of the color changing animals that exists in the world. They are usually medium sized and they have immense camouflage power.
They changes colour so frequently with the help of pigment cells, cuttlefishes have a power that they can easily change the colour according to their surroundings.

colour changing animals
Picture credit – Leisure Pro


If we are talking about the animals that changes colour according to their environment then how can we leave Flounder Fish? These fish is an brilliant example of camouflaging.

The best part about these fish is that they can also mold their body according to their surroundings and can also change the color accordingly. They are usually found in brown color with different markings.
Not only this, but they can also blend in to a new habitat within just 5-8 seconds. Yes, you heard that right! Once a Flounder fish reaches a new habitat, their body will use the light received through the retina to know the color of the surface so that they can easily catch it and transform this color as soon as possible. They have nocturnal behavior and they only hunt at night. It is also one of the colour changing animals

colour changing animals
Picture credit -The Dish on Science

Sea Horses

Sea horses are one of the most stylish and decorated fishes that you will ever notice. Along with this, they can easily change their colour depending on their surroundings. It is one of the slowest animals in the world that stays under water.

So, these are some of the colour changing animals and we are sure that you didn’t know about these. If you think that you know any animals apart from these then do not forget to comment in the section below and for more world related updates stay tuned!

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