Why Your Boyfriend Hasn’t Asked You To Marry Him Yet

Relationships are great and when you have been into one for a quite long period of time things do start to get serious. You both start building expectations of your own and getting married is one of them from your side. The only problem here is he is not asking you or giving any clarity on this very topic. And because you don’t wanna pressurize him on the decision you are probably trying to stay a little low key. Which is fine cause sure you don’t want to rush things up.

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So now what you should be doing in this situation is finding the reason behind his ignorance on this topic. Why is he running away or is there anything which is holding him back? You need to find that loophole. Here are a few reasons why your boyfriend is not proposing you for marriage.

He wants to achieve his life goals first

You may think that your partner is earning well and he is settled in his current job. His dreams are fulfilled and now you both should get married but it is possible that the situation is not that similar to your partner. It is quite feasible that he wants something else from his life. He has some accomplishments and dreams of his own which are yet to be fulfilled. Thus boyfriend is not proposing to you because he wants to get done with all his goals first and then give full focus to his married life.

Suppose following his passion of dance or music or he wants to be an entrepreneur, start new business and getting married at the same time can actually cause a hell lot of tension in not just his life but yours too. So instead of rushing things he is planning to finish his goals and then more forward in his life by asking you to marry him.

If you feel that your boyfriend is going through the somewhat same situation it is a good idea to help him achieve all his goals. It is your duty to stay by his side and that’s what you are expected to treat each other after the marriage, so why not before it?

He is saving money for the marriage

Marriages are not cheap. There is an end number of things which you cannot ignore to have in your marriage and those demanding money. So one of the reasons why your boyfriend is not proposing you could be because he is saving for it.

Maybe he is trying to fulfill all your dreams that you both have shared together about your marriage, destination wedding, theme party, and all that stuff requires money and saving that much amount requires time. Even the wedding ring is very expensive. So in such a situation, you should just volunteer to split the amount in half. Make sure to remove the burden out of his back because that’s what relationships are all about.

He is not sure about spending his future with you or someone else

Another reason why your boyfriend is not proposing to you is that he is unsure whether you are the right girl to spend his whole life with or not or with any other women. Men are usually very scared of commitments and marriage is the boss of commitments. No take backs. Men usually think all their liberty and independence will fade away after getting married thus they are never sure whether they want to get engaged with someone or not.

If this is one of the reason make your partner understand that nothing like this is going to happen. Make him understand that you both will have individual space and will be able to meet or call your friends at home or just go out for a drink without any need for a fight. There is no such thing like “feeling of getting abandoned” after marriage but of course, one should know their boundaries and stay within that.

He is scared to take any such step

Getting married is a very big decision in one’s life and just like I said earlier there is no stepping back after that. Thus this decision requires a lot of maturity and confidence. If your boyfriend is not proposing then maybe he is scared to take any such big step in his life. Maybe he is thinking he is not mature enough to handle such a big responsibility.

Such situations often happen when a person has seen bad marriage or broken hearts quite often and has gone through a rough phase while after making a decision of his own. So instead of getting angry, you should be more supportive. Acknowledge his fears and try to help him get over them. It is kind of your duty to empathize with him.

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