Why Sunscreen Are Equally Important In Winter Season

Sunscreen is often considered as a product of summer season. They usually protect us from the harsh rays of the sun, eliminating the chances of skin damage. But have you ever thought of using the same in the winter season too? Apparently, the benefits of sunscreens are not just limited to protecting your skin but encompass many others. So here are a few reasons which will motivate you to use sunscreens in the winter season too.

sunscreen in winters
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1. Anti- Ageing Properties

Surprising right? Yes, sunscreens have anti-ageing properties which slow down the maturing process of your skin. It also helps in eliminating the wrinkles on your skin for a long time. That’s not it. They also make your skin look health and glowing even in this chilly winter when every part of your body is drying out.

2. Sunscreens Save Us From Cancer

Some diseases come without warning, cancer is one of those. During the winter season, the risk of skin cancer is a bit higher than that of the summer season. Thus, sunscreens in the winter season are very important. Sunrays (UVA), no matter whether you are inside or outside your house are defiantly going to strike you. They contain carcinogenic elements. which if taken if large amount, can give us many sorts of skin diseases and ultimately cancer.

sunscreen in winters
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3. Cures Irritation

People with sensitive skin go through the most trouble during the winter season. But the best solution to those itchy and tickly areas of your body is sunscreen. So, if you are also a victim of overly sensitive skin, accept SPF this wintry weather and see the results. Voila! No more dryness and flaking Sunscreen also diminishes the chances of sunburn (which most people ignore during winters).

4. UBV

These rays are not something which can cause you harsh effects, but they do contribute in giving you that redness during the golden hours in a day. They don’t go away during the chilly month, Nope! Never! So take out this false notion out of your mind. These rays are basically omnipresent so you have no reason to not apply it.

sunscreen in winters
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5. Users Tend To Apply More Sunscreen In Winters

Shocking but true! People who have at least once tried using sunscreens in the winter season have then never looked back from then. During winters, your skin absorbs more of outside cream during due to its constantly drying up nature. This way you end up refreshing the sunscreen in every 4-5 hours of interval.

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