Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Tik Tok?

You all must have heard the word ‘Tik Tok’ around. But do you know what that is?  Well, for those who have a lesser amount of knowledge regarding it but have an ample amount of interest in knowing, Tik Tok is basically an app which gives the users a platform where they can make short videos of themselves, showing their talent and different type of skills they acquire, whether acting, dancing or even mimicking, etc. The app comes with automated fun content (includes dialogues, popular scene from movies, songs), camera filters and easy editing technique to make the work more effortless.

Sounding identical to Musical.ly? So for the sake of knowledge, In 2017, the Chinese parent company of Tik Tok, ‘Bytedance’ bought Musical.ly. So instead of competing with each other, they announced pairing up together as one unit to make an even bigger platform as a whole.

Courtesy – Twitter (Tik Tok)

The app suddenly elevated flames in the society a few years back and no one can stop gushing around the same from then onwards. Starting from the school corridors to college canteens, every person is busy enjoying this new fun experience in thier lives. You also must have seen people around, busy, lip-syncing to dialogues and songs, showcasing their acting talent to the world. Yup! Tik Tok is what all this is for.

Looking at the graphs, Musical.ly alone reached the landmark of 100 million monthly active users in July 2018. Being such a newbie in the market, such a high amount of users is not a small thing and after the collaboration, the name ‘Tik Tok’ undoubtedly came under the names of sky-scarpering companies.

Now the real question here is – What is the actual reason behind such an obsession? Wbhy is everyone driving crazy for this app?

Well, in the past few years making vines has actually become a popular leisure time activity for many people. Though teenagers are the majorly affected age group across the globe, elder population are not that far behind in the race. They are also in no mood to get secluded from this trend. So participation from every age group is quite plenty. With no age restrictions, it is open to all. This mania has led them running towards the door of Tik Tok.

Courtesy – Twitter (Tik Tok)

Looking at the other aspect, such apps not only provide a great stage for ‘wannabe’ actors to showcase their talent but also give them an ample amount of popularity and audience, which is quite impossible in real world. And who doesn’t want to get noticed? Thus, Tik Tik serves the best solution for those wanting to express their inside talent to the world.

As for what the app is like? It is more of an entertainment-based platform, unlike Instagram or Snapchat which are more inclined towards the social or lifestyle factor. So it doesn’t matter from what background you are coming from, no one is going to judge you though. Its all about your talent and showcasing what you are best at.

The very next factor is connectivity. This app not only helps you in making solo vines but also allows you to collaborate with people you have never seen, never met.

Courtesy – Twitter (Tik Tok)

And, of course, IT IS FREE! so it acquires traffic from all sections of the world. Also people now days are bored of those long hour videos are more into something which is more compact and quick to watch. Tik Tok is perfect for this generation.

In addition, the users face no barrier to age or content creation whatsoever which is the heart of Tik Tok’s successful growth.

Lastly, Celebrity Effect. Tik Tok is used by ample celebrities and stars universally. Their participation has attracted many of their followers to become a member of such an app. Whether for film/song promotions or time pass, many actors are seen posting their vines and also collaborating with their fans suing this medium. This results in more involvement of newbies.

Vines were moving towards their extinction stage if you look a few years back. Introduction of such an app to the world has at least restored this important segment back to our world and with a new boom! Now Vines are more associated with a source of entertainment and light-hearted pleasure.

Initially looking at the videos you’ll be like, ” What is this manic things? What are literally people doing?” But in no time you’ll be included in that army of active users, singing along the lyrics and posting yourself on the platform.

Tik Tok is weird but fun. You love it or you hate it but you cannot stop talking about it and that’s why the community is reaching a new high every day. The app is available globally on Google Play Store and also on App Store. So go check it out!

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