Why following a balanced diet plan is really important for our health

A balanced diet is all we need in today’s time and our body will need nutrients in order to function correctly. You should have a proper knowledge about a proper diet and living a healthy lifestyle.

A balanced diet plan is the only solution to live a healthy life. A balanced diet is not a crash diet and it will cover all the important macro-nutrients like protein, carbohydrates and fat along with micro-nutrients which include Vitamins and Minerals.

A balanced diet chart will lead you to live healthy and if you follow the chart on a regular basis you will not have any problem later in your life as you will be taking all the important things daily and on time.

Components of a Balanced diet plan

Vitamins and Minerals

balanced diet plan

These are the utmost important demands for the body as they regulate body’s metabolism and protect against infections, deficiency or any metabolic imbalance. If you want these two to add in your diet chart then make sure that it should include multi-colored fruits, vegetables that contain minerals and vitamins.

Green vegetables are also a part of these two and you should include these in your meal. Try having green vegetables as much as you can like broccoli, spinach, beans, lettuce and many more. They are full of nutrients that our body needs. 


protien - balanced diet plan

We need this nutrient as it helps in bodybuilding, growth and development in a human and also helps your body to repair cells and make new ones. Things that consist of proteins are whole grams, pulses, chickpeas, beans, peanuts, milk, eggs, fish and meat.  


fats - balanced diet plan

Fat plays an important role in providing energy, circulation of vitamins and hormone synthesis.

Ways to maintain a balanced diet chart

balanced diet plan

Always keep in mind that you should have meals for five times in a day within a gap of 3 hours but don’t stuff yourself much has little bit every 3 hours. A gap of more than 3 hours will increase the stress hormones and all the fat will store in your belly area.

If you have these meals on time it will help your food to get a proper digestion and your stress level will also be normal.

Be physically active whole day

Being physically active whole day will help you shedding down the extra kilos of your body and your body will keep moving as the movement is really important. Dieting alone will not help you achieving an ideal healthy life.

If you are looking forward leading a healthy life so you have to follow some rules and regulations and to do physical exercise.

Minimum salt intake

If you eat extra salt you will feel thirsty which will lead you to store water in your body and due to that it will raise the blood pressure in your body. As per the review of Harvard School of Public Health, if you exceed the limit of having salt you can have disease like heart attack, strokes, dementia and kidney disease.

With the change in requirements, the pattern of having salt mat differs in men and women.

Include Diary products

Our body need calcium as well apart from all these nutrients as calcium makes our bones much stronger and is also necessary for regulating muscle contraction.

If you do not take calcium on a regular basis you might have osteoporosis and other bone disease. If you don’t like drinking milk then there are a lot of others dairy products that you can have to lead a healthy lifestyle including low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese.

Now, it’s not necessary that if you are a woman so you have to have to follow the same balanced diet chart as men. Yes, there is a difference in both of them and so they both need different charts to be followed according to their body needs. So, below I am mentioning the whole diet plan for men and women for the whole day. What you can have in breakfast, lunch and dinner, everything will be covered under this and this diet chart has been recommended by a nutritionist.

Diet chart for women

balanced diet plan for women

Women body differs from men as they need more iron due to their monthly menstrual cycles.

Breakfast – Have 2-3 scrambled eggs along with whole grain toast and you can also have a fruit of your choice.

If you don’t feel like having fruits you can have a bowl of sprouts and make it in your own way, the way you feel you should have it.

Mid Morning snacks – You can have dried fruits combined with nuts or seeds.

Lunch – Now, this is time best time to eat something heavy if you feel like because you will do some work at home or at office so it will burn your calories too.

You can have dal, chicken or fish curry along with roti or rice with it. You can also have salad with this.

Mid evening snack – You can have tea or milk after 2 hours of lunch with fiber biscuits that does not harm your body.

Dinner – Now most of the people have their stomach full at night which is not the right time. So, eat light at night.

Men should take healthy things in order to keep their stamina intact the full day

Breakfast – They can have something heavy breakfast like poha, eggs and something heavy

Mid morning snacks – You can have fruits or a bowl of sprouts.

Mid evening snack – fruit salad or soup you can have

Dinner – You can have vegetables, pulses or chicken soup and if you are having this, do not have roti.

So, follow this balanced diet in future in order to live a healthy life!

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Why Following a Balanced Diet Plan is Really Important for our Health