What To Look For While Buying A Laptop

Buying laptop is not as easy as you think. You cannot just walk inside the shop and select the one which is ‘good looking’. Gadgets don’t work that way. You need to have either a good knowledge about it or a detailed research. And without knowing the pros and cons you will surely end up not buying a laptop but crap. So, if you are planning to buy one here is your Laptop buying guide for 2019 which will aid you on what to look for while buying a Laptop.

buying a laptop
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1. What is Your Budget?

The first and most important part is your Budget. How much are you willing to spend on your laptop? People often tend to ignore this question and end up shaking their budget by buying a lot more expensive laptop. There are end number of options but don’t get fooled by them and decide what your pocket allows.

2. Processor (Intel or AMD)

Next part deals with the need and requirement for which you are buying a new laptop. As a processor is responsible for the speed of the laptop, thus if you are more into multitasking then, then you surely need a tough one. Nowadays you will mostly come across AMD CPU or Intel and if you ask me, personally I prefer the Intel than the AMD CPU because they are more powerful. So in simple words, you cannot ignore this part else you will be frustrated by the continuous ‘hang issue’ of your laptop.

buying a laptop
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3. Storage? (Hard Disk)

Storage is again one of the most important aspects to add in Laptop specification list. Saving photos, videos, documents, movies are just a ‘must’ and for to save them you definitely need a good amount of space. Mostly small laptops will provide you approx 300GB storage capacity but if you are looking for more, go for those laptops with hard disk space of 500 GB or 1 TB. Depending upon you budget choose whatever suits you. Also, make sure to do a thorough research before finalizing ‘the one’.

4. Screen Size

While looking for ideal screen size, you must ask yourself what is the purpose of the laptop?
If are just buying it to comfortably Netflix and movies, go for a bigger screen. Say about 17 inches will precisely fulfil your needs. But if you need is to surf internet, making notes, PPT, Spreadsheet, more of a formal use, you must go for a small size. 14.1 will be an ideal size for you then. Also because of its compact nature, you can carry them easily to workplace.

5. Graphic Processor

No one likes watching pixilated videos on a date night. Even when it comes to playing those highly paid game series. Graphics are just non-negotiable and if you are one of those Netflix addict then they can cause you great pan while watching it. So its always better to understand your needs and they choose. Thus, go for the one which have HD and Full HD video support.

buying a laptop
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6. Battery

Battery is again a very crucial part and its importance is not just limited to laptops but encompasses every other electronic product ever made. Just like phones, you must recheck the battery backup while buying a laptop. A poor batter will ruin your experience whether you are working or enjoying. Opt for the one which has at least 4-6 hours of battery backup.

7. Design And Colour

How your laptop looks is also important. I mean in such a stylish world who likes to keep a simple, boring laptop right? You must always look for notable designs. Slim and sleek laptops are currently very popular, especially among teenagers and working class. The light weight feature and slim body makes it make handy and attractive looking.
With the advancement of technology laptops have also evolved a lot. The style is not just limited to its size and shape but also have innumerable features to choose between. Like some laptops are providing you with the benefit to rotating the screen 180 degrees whereas some laptops can be used as a handy tablet. The options are unlimited it’s you who has to choose your favourite while buying a laptop.

buying a laptop
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8. Brand

Last but not the least – Brand. Of course brand matters. Who will not opt for apple phone right?. Similarly in laptops there are mainstream sellers who have been running this market since ages and then we have many newcomers too.  Brand make a huge impact on your product so having a thorough knowledge about the one you are planning to buy is utmost important thing.
Our advice for you is to eliminate the risk factor. Don’t go for brands which are unknown for you. Opt for companies like DELL, Apple about whom you have fair idea.

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