What Men Really Want From A Relationship

Women in majority relationships are very much open and clear about what they want with their partner and their relation whereas men find themselves in an exact opposite and more complex situation when it comes to being significant about their desires. There is always a vague answer to what men really want from a relationship.

While there can be many reasons for this, firstly being the conservative nature of men and then they are less projective with their emotions, the list is just endless. In order to solve this universal mystery, we have got you a perfect list which will help you in figuring out what your guy is actually looking for in you and in your relationship (because he is just not that expressive).

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A Relationship Which Is Filled With Unconditional Love

Men often try to run away from women who have a demanding nature. All they need is unconditional love, without any hidden motive or conditions to be followed. A relationship works best when everything is equal between both the couples whether it is responsibilities or demands. Both must have an equal share in anything and everything.

Constant demanding nature can literally piss anyone off irrespective of their gender or age but because women are often seen carrying this sort of nature, they act as a major turn off for men. Such a relationship is often filled with dissatisfaction which ultimately makes it a toxic relationship. See it is not that difficult to find out what men want from their relationship. They too have very basic demands and their spouse must take care of them.

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A Communicative Relationship

Communication is the most important aspect of any sort of association and that what men really want from a relationship. If you are hurt or you are disappointed with something, you must tell your partner about it instead of imagining that they’ll get to know about it on their own. It’s not how a relationship works.

In order to be a healthy connection both the person has to communicate and share grievances if any. And if not grievances then verbally adoring your partner is also a good practice. Use words to communication rather than assuming that things are self understood. Men always want women to pay extra importance to the communication factor.

what men really want from a relationship
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A Level Of Maturity

 In helping a relationship run longer maturity plays a very important role. Childish or Immature behaviour is a serious turn off for men and this is something they just can’t stand.

The relationship is not a fun game but a precious part of people lives and its preservation demands an elevated level of patience, responsible attitude and high maturity level. Men always want their relationship to be naughty at a point but when it comes to dealing with problems or difficult situations, it must be handled with a high level of maturity and intelligence from both the sides.

what men really want from a relationship
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A Bond Of Friendship

Yes, we live in a 21st-century world where men no more want to suppress or be over possessive or over controlling over their wives or girlfriends. Instead, they are looking more of a friendship factor in their relationship.

Nowadays men are looking way more than just acting as a ‘love partner’ in a relationship. Instead, they want to be a good/best friend with their couple and want their partner to have the same feeling. Well, having a boyfriend and best friend in the same person is just like finding nirvana. Such a connection often leads to a more open and healthy relationship. Couples feel more comfortable while sharing their feelings and way of thinking with their spouse.

what men really want from a relationship
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A Supportive Partner

Men genuinely want a partner who is supportive in nature. Instead of criticizing in every part, they want their spouse to be more encouraging and accommodating in whatever they do. It’s like they are in a desperate need to acquire cheering attitude in their relationship.

what men really want from a relationship
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And A Lot Of Intimacy

Intimacy plays a very important role and is definitely what men really want from a relationship. Though with such a busy schedule and hectic jobs people are seen often cutting down their sex time which is just not right, especially when you are married. Intimacy helps in deepening the love in a relationship. Lovemaking helps in establishing a more beautiful and affectionate love between the couples.

However, the need for intimacy or lovemaking does differ in men and women but the lack of it can force the relationship towards the breakup stage. This is one in the list of what men really want from a relationship.

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