What Is So Fascinating About Netflix Movie Bird Box?

Warning Major Spoiler Ahead:

From the very moment, Netflix introduced Sandra Bullock starring Bird Box, the whole world went crazy for it. Since then, people can’t stop talking about it and social media platforms are literally flooded with pictures, memes and tweets regarding the same.

The movie has been viewed by millions and counting. It’s not that the story line is very tricky or confused, making people bang their heads on walls to understand it. Though there are some incomplete knots that might arouse the viewers to chatter about it. Else, the plot is quite understandable.

Bird Box

Bird Box has received 5.9/10 ratings from Rotten Tomatoes .


This post-apocalyptic thriller film is inspire by the 2014 novel ‘Bird Box’ by Josh Malerman. The story revolves around a fierce mother who is trying to protect her family and run away from evil creatures. Frankly, it’s a clear-cut movie if we ignore a couple of questionable facts. So if you just don’t look at the creatures, even for a second at, you are safe!

Bird Box

The ferocious portrayal of the lead character, Malorie’s (played by Sarah Bullock) is very much relatable to mothers and that can be a reason for its fame also. In order to protect her loves ones, Malorie Hayes goes from being blindfolded to rowing a boat by staying 24 hours awake and what not.

Bird Box is quite similar to ‘THE QUIET PLACE’ where any sound would trigger the monster, instead, in this film, you must avoid looking at them!  Else some invisible force will make you go suicidal.

So, technically the plot is OKaish!

Star Cast

Bird Box

After the lead role in the successful movie Ocean Eleven, Sandra Bullock is again the vanguard in Bird Box. Other Sarah Paulson, Lil Rel Howery, Jacki Weaver, Colson Baker, Danielle Macdonald, Rosa Salazar, Trevante Rhodes etc who have acted relatively nice.

Social Media Sites

Bird Box

The other reason for such an amount of popularity can be the attention this movie is receiving around the words with hilarious memes and jokes. Specifically targeting the blindfold part, social media sites are getting flooded with this post related to this movie. Such posts are sucking new viewers inside by arousing their interest to watch it.

Bird Box
Bird Box
Bird box

So whether you like it or hate it, you just can’t stop taking about it.

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