Weird Things On Amazon That Are Way Too Useful In Daily Life

Amazon is like a bottomless ocean. You search one word and you’ll be flourished with end number to options to choose to. and have you ever noticed that one is usually attracted to things which are weird and does not abide by the rules of ‘usual/normal’ at all? well if you are also one of those looking to add some weird stuff in your life, we are here to help. Here is a perfect list of items that are weird but way too useful in daily life.

A Slime That Cleans Stuff

weird thing

This surely looks disgusting but you will be shocked to know what all it can do. Do you also face issues while cleaning stuff which is delicate yet dirty, suppose a keyboard. Cleaning those full of dust computer keyboards is not an easy task to pull. No matter how hard you try, those small gaps are always left untouched. Well not anymore. This slime is here to rescue you. Just grab some and pour it onto your keyboard. Press gently and all the dust which was staying in all those small spaces will get stuck to it. And voila!! Cleans is no more a messy thing to pull.
You can also use the technique to clean cameras, car vents, etc. They are a weird thing but do work effectively.

Seat Cushions That Absorb Odor

weird thing

The next one in the list of weird things is this seat cushions that actually absorb the bad odor. More than being weird, it is helpful. Whether it is about saving that original seat cover of your car or protecting the environment from the foul smell, it cures it all.
The cushion is filled with natural bamboo charcoal granule that holds down the foul smell. Not just in the car, you can also use this on your office chair or say some super expensive sofas at home. So, no need to say ‘no’ to people, just let them in.

Not So Usual Lunch Bag

weird thing

Are you tired of starving during your lunch time because someone always eats your lunch? Not anymore. This lunch bag serves a way more crucial purpose than just keeping your stuff fresh, it protects your food. The creepy insect on the bag will leave your food thief screaming to hell. This may seem a weird thing but it is useful for sure.
These bags are reusable for at least 24 counts. So enjoy your meal bud.

A “Scary” Potato Masher

weird thing

Don’t go on this not so scary weird shape. They are way more useful than they look. They are dishwasher safe, can be used by the kids and most importantly it is made up of stainless steel.
Was mashing potato this easy ever? I Guess no.

Foot Scrubber

weird thing

You can just fix this scrubber in your bathroom and use it while showing. Just scrub your feet around the bristles of the foot scrubber and remove of those dead skin cells leaving you with soft and more comfortable feet.
Now you must be wondering what if it goes with the flow of the water, well Nah. The suction cups make sure they don’t move even a bit. Yeas, its kinda weird thing but useful too.

Want A More Clean Breath, Try A Tongue Scrapper

weird thing

Next one in the list is this tongue scrapper. All you have to do is just rub it on your tongue and all the plaque and bacteria will come out along. Trust me it is way better and affecting than brushing your tongue with a toothbrush.
The product is made up of copper which means you will no longer have to fear about it being rusted. Also, it helps you in removing the bad breath. This tongue scrapper is perfectly molded in the shape of a tongue, thus no confusion on how to use it. The scrapper perfectly fits your mouth.

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