Weird Themed cafes around the world that you visit!

In today’s time people are coming up with themed cafes as ambiance is really important and it should be loving and unique in its own way. Some have jungle theme and some have unique theme. So, if you are thinking to set up your own café or you would like to try some different ones then you should definitely visit some of these.

And these unique themed cafes are emerging really fast and they also like by the people who are visiting there. People get bored of the same ambience quite fast. From Ukraine to the United States, there’s a
weird themed cafes – let’s begin with the list.

weird themed cafes
Picture credit – Bon Appetit

Barbie café

This café is one of the most beautiful cafes around the globe. Yes, once you go there you will see pink color everywhere as it is themed as Barbie. The bar table is shaped in such a way that it looks like a heel of a stilettos.

The café is filled with Barbie dolls and the waitress there also dons the same dress. This café is in Taipei, Taiwan. So, the waitress also looks cute unlike Barbie’s.

The whole café is colored in pink and you will see the entire waitress wearing Barbie dress will make you feel as if you have entered in the world of the dolls as you see them everywhere. But the food is really tasty and a lot of people come here to enjoy with family and to enjoy the delicious food.

weird themed cafes
Picture credit – iflyA380

A – 380

This café is also located in Taiwan and the special thing this café is that it is made up of airplane theme and the seats are made like what we have in airplane. It is also one of the weird themed cafes around the globe.

If you want to try something new or you are there in Taiwan then you must visit this café once as the food is really good and the local people visit there every time they want to go out. It is one of the best restaurants in that place.

The waitress is also dressed as flight attendants and the customers are handed their boarding passes at the entry. Here boarding passes means their seat where the customer have to sit. The waitress come and indicates towards the seat that you might have booked online or paid there.

Most of the dishes are served on plastic plates as they are just 30,000 feet in the sky. The food is good and you will feel that you are on airplane as the whole atmosphere is the same from ambience to food. So, if you are in Taiwan do visit there as it is very famous café out there.

weird themed cafes
Picture credit – OrangeSmile.com

Modern toilet café

This café is in Taiwan and you might feel weird as the theme of this café is washroom’s toilet seat. Yes, you heard that right. This is one of the reasons why the people of Taiwan are coming here due to its different theme and no one has seen this theme anywhere around the globe.

They make people sit in toilet seat and they eat from that with sharp containers. It feels disgusting but people have gone there and experienced the food which is very good as they say about their experience. The items that they mostly serve are hot chocolate and spicy chicken which is literally very good.

So, if you ever visit Taiwan then you have to go here as people have experienced good food at modern toilet restaurants and it is one of the weird cafes around the globe. It is one of the weird themed cafes

weird themed cafes
Picture credit – Eater Chicago

The Nutella Café

This café exists in Chicago. And this one is very famous for the marshmallows lovers. If you love it then you must visit this café once and we bet that you will fall in love with the ambience and the food as well. The café is newly opened on the streets of London.

The ambience has been designed in such a way that you will feel that you are walking in the jar of Nutella. So, we guess we don’t have to tell you what the specialty of the food here is as it is quite obvious from the name itself. 

You can also have waffles here as it is also one of the foods that they make very tasty so if you have a sweet tooth then you can go here to remove all the sweet hunger in you.

So, these are some of the weird themed cafes that you must go to if you ever visit these countries. If you are a big foodie and want to try something unique then you can visit these cafes in order to gain experience. For more food related updates stay tuned!

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