Weird plants around the world that you will be shocked to know about

The earth is full of plants and animals and they are one of the most important species after humans and there are more than 298000 species of plants in the whole world. The diverse group of balance nature and life on Earth.

Mostly, the plants and flowers are really beautiful and stunning in their looks as well as in their smell that is sweet and fruitful. They aren’t only used in herb medicines but also used as the nutrient-rich fruits.

So, today we will talk about so e of the weird plants around the globe that you will be shocked to know about so let’s begin with it

weird plants in the world

Rafflesia Arnoldii

This is the biggest individual flower in the world and in fact it is smaller than corpse flower if we consider some of it’s elements. It is commonly found in the jungle of Sumatra. Its total height is three feet and like corpse flower, the plant produces an unpleasant irritating smell.

It is one of the weird plants in the globe and they are found in the jungles are dangerous too if you are around this plant so you got to be careful about it or else you can die also. So people here are very careful about this plant.

It is of red color and has a hole in the middle with wide leaves. The plant is small but due to its widened of the leaves it looks big and it also looks great.

weird plants in the world
Picture credit – San Diego Zoo Animals

Venus flytrap

Venus flytrap is also known as dionaeamuscipula which is a carnivorous plant. It simply means that a plant that can have both small insects as well as animals as food. This plant can also be found in the Eastern Carolia especially in wet areas and they have an special thing to attack on their preys.

The plant closes its lobes the moment any insect comes in contact with the plant and they eat it immediately there and then. The plant tak around 10 days to digest their prey that’s why they don’t need much prey to eat as they take some time.

The plant opens up its lobe widely to connect with its prey and it is more easier for them to catch them and eat it without any hurdle. The plant is one of the most weird one.

weird plants in the world
Picture credit – San Diego Zoo Animals

Pitcher plant

The pitcher plant is also one of the carnivorous plants that eat small insects and animals both. It is commonly found only in South East Asia. The plant has an attractive deep red color that looks beautiful and the plant is very wide.

The plant can even have mice and they have wide lobe that can consume a large number of insects and plants. The plants and animals become main preys of pitcher plants  and the deep cavity that filled with special fuild that helps to catch prey.

The plant has a big leaf structure and features special digestive system and their system is bit fast than that of Venus flytrap as they have less tendency to digest less. The plant has is beautiful but it is one of the weird plants in the world.

weird plants in the world
Picture credit – thegypsythread.org


Hydnellumpeckiiis one of the weird plants in the world and has bleeding tooth fungus. It is scarlet pigment causes blood like the color on the fluid of this plant. This strange plant mainly found across North America and Europe and it is edible but the blood is bit bitter in taste.

The plant has an unpleasant odor and might irritate due to smell and due to this you will have unpleasant day of you smell this and your mind will be in that odor.

The color of the plant can be vary from an orange or pink and it is one of the weird plants in the world. This plant is very weird in the world and it has some blood clots like when you look at it. It is very awful when you look at it.

So, these are some of the weird plants in the world. And if you ever visit these plants do not forget to click the pictures and do share your comments section below. For more world related updates stay tuned!

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