Weird Foods Around The Globe

People usually travel to a lot of places if they are a big foodie and they can reach anywhere if there is some special food is being served and if you are a foodie then you must have been in places where there is a good food.

Being a food traveler is very interesting part as you get to explore the place as well as you can taste the authentic food also. Travelling and food go hand in hand ad if the food is amazing then how can a foodie not explore that? Along with food and travel they also explore the richness of the culture and architecture.

The best part of food traveler is that they immerse in the culture of that region and have the special food what they never have heard of before and gain experience.

Silkworm Larvae, South Korea

This is one of the weird foods and unusual foods you might have heard of. They have a special recipe for the silkworm larvae. You might be disgusted to imagine people having that but people in Korea have it with happiness. They smell even worse than they look and people of Korea say that it tastes really good and you shouldn’t go with its look.

It is also one of the famous dishes in the country and you will find it in every street. The Silkworms are boiled first and then they make it delicious and sell them in a paper cups along with toothpicks. It is also known as ‘Beondegi’ in Korea. It has a large amount of proteins in it and probably that’s the only reason they have it. It is famous as a snack and it is crunchy from outside and juicy from inside. You will also find this in the grocery stores as well

weird foods around the world
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Escargot, Paris

It is famous in Paris where a lot of restaurants offer escargot and probably it is one of the weird foods around the world. It is also an iconic dish for French people as they are all over Paris. It is basically a dish of snails and people usually have it with wine.

This is what a normal Parisians do in their lunch time but the question is how can people have it and how they are supposed to eat it? But we will get the hang of it once you see how other people have it. The people say that it tastes amazing and seems like seafood but more like octopus kind of dish.

It is also being served in Catalonia, Crete and Greece and other countries like Algeria and Morocco. People might have it as it has protein in it about 15% and it is also low in fat about 2.4% and light to eat. L’Escargot Montorgueil is one of the most famous and authentic restaurants that serve this dish. It is one of the weird foods around the world

weird foods around the world
Picture credit – Wandering Wheatleys

Cobra Snake, Vietnam

Vietnam has cobra snake as the weird foods around the world. Yes, you heard that right. People here love to have the heart of the snake that still beats while it is being served. I mean how can someone eat that?  The snake is usually beheaded and the chef drops the heart of the snake in vodka and people takes shots after that.

People have it with lot of happiness and excitement and you will find this dish all over in the Vietnam. If you want to have it you should surely visit the country but don’t think so you will be able to have it once you will see the pumping heart in your vodka shots.

weird foods around the world
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Live Octopus in Korea

People of China, Korea and Japan have a lot of octopus soup and dishes. But in Korea it is one of the weird foods in the world and you will find this dish all over the country. The octopus is alive and you see them moving on your plate or in the bowl.

 People have it with chopsticks but if you ever try this dish always remember to chew the tentacles properly or else it will choke you throat and I have heard that several people dies due to this problem. Korean people are mad after this dish and this is the reason you will find it everywhere.

weird foods around the world
Picture credit – AC E-xpreesion

Grilled Chicken Buttholes, Taiwan

When I heard this name I felt like puking as it is so disgusting to even imagine people having chicken’s butthole but people of Taiwan have it with pride. Grilled chicken buttholes is one of the famous and favorite foods in Taiwan.

This dish is also being offered by street vendors. Apart from these, it is also famous for blood cakes crusted in peanuts and the legendary stinky tofu.

So, these are some of the weird foods around the world and for more food related updates stay tuned!

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