Ways In Which Your House Is Badly Affecting Your Health

House is a word which has always been associated with love, affection, and care. You feel safe and sound there but there are some ways how your house is not adding to your health. Instead, it is ruining your body.

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How one lives and arranges his/ her schedules at their respective houses plays a very important in affecting their body. Below are some of those ways your house is affecting your health.

Abundance of calories in the kitchen

Chocolates, ice creams, cupcakes, chips, carbonated drink, the list is never-ending. All these things are surely available in your fridge and kitchen cupboards, if not all, at least some of them.
The major craving time that is at midnight and the afternoon time, especially at 3 pm of the day makes you urge for food. Now that you have end number of options to choose from, these delicious and at the same time damn high-calorie food items you just binge eat everything.
So technically without realisiing, you end up eating way too many calories that you should which result in unwanted weight in your body.

Now you see how your house is affecting your health. This is the reason you are not able to shed weight, instead, keep on adding more. The best solution to this will be to throw out all those heavenly delicious food items out of your house right now and save yourself from getting fatter.

All those gadgets in your bedroom are not doing any good

Yes, especially that TV which is supposed to give you pleasure and a more stress-free environment is instead ruining your health. Studies show that tv, computer, and other gadgets tend to inculcate you in a more unhealthy lifestyle and sleep pattern. They can cause physical as well as mental health issues to you.
The changes are very evident in terms of the kids. Children who have and access tv in their bedroom are more likely to be overweight than the ones who don’t have it.

So, it is a good idea to fix a time table for watching TV and other gadgets when you and your family are at home. Instead of having time alone, try spending it with your family before going to the bed. Leave you laptops, i-pads in the living room, it is a good idea indeed.

You no longer can find your exercise equipment

You might have got yourself a good amount of dumbbells, yoga mats or even treadmill but can you locate them right now?
I guess NO. These things often get disappeared in the house due to other pieces of stuff. So, ultimately the reason why you bought them up also gets disappeared. Instead of using it for your health purposes, they are used as a laundry stand. This way your house is affecting your health. It is making you lazy.

So, the solution to this is to relocate your exercise material. Place them somewhere you can see them on a regular basis instead of abandoning them in your attic or so. If you got good scenery, try placing them near a window or your balcony.

Your house is too damn cozy!!

Everyone loves to have a cozy room where they can lay right after a hectic day. Relax themselves and all of their senses for a while. Cozy couch, blankets, it’s just perfect. It is not as good as your think. Your house is affecting your health.
Even if you are at your office, you are in a sitting position. So is when you are at your home. Thus, there is no difference in your posture. It is very important to change your posture once in a while. Continuously sitting is very bad for your health. Starting from muscle pain to surplus blood sugar level, it can cause you end number of serious health issues.

So take care of your health and make your room a little less cozy or just say occasional cozy.

Your fruit basket is out of your sight

There is no second thought on how important fruits are for our health. But are they in your sight or out of it? Usually you buy fruits but end up stacking it in the background of your fridge because the foreground space is filled with unhealthy and outside food.

Don’t compromise with your health. Make sure to consume enough fruits a day. Pick a bowl and add your favorites into it, apples, pears, oranges, anything you like. If possible make small portions of it and place it in an airtight lunch, within your site. Give them a central place in your fridge and in your food diet plan too.

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