Waterfall in Hatton will soothe your eyes

Hatton is in Sri Lanka and it is one of the most mesmerizing places around the globe and you will not feel like coming back to your place once you get there. Lined by tea bushes the hillside of Hatton is beyond imagination and cannot be described in one word itself.

This area receives more than average rainfall ever year and is flanked by green vegetation and that’s what makes it more beautiful than any other places in Sri Lanka. There is a lot to explore including a lot of waterfalls that are just breath taking and cold breeze touches the face and feet’s is even more beautiful. 

Lets’ talk about the waterfalls of Hatton that will give you vacation goals right now.

waterfalls of Hatton
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Laxapana Waterfalls

This waterfall lies in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka and is considered one of the 7th highest waterfalls in Sri Lanka and its height is 126m approximately. From there you can also see some breath taking views of the running water fall. Earlier, the water flow of the fall was extreme but now it has reduced due to construction of dams.

The water beautifully gushes over big rocks before falling into the rock face below. If you ever visit there you will notice the green and lush fields surrounded by the mountains and that’s the view you have to capture in your phone so that you will not be able to forget what you saw. 

waterfalls of Hatton
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Devon Falls

Devon falls is another one of the famous waterfalls in Sri Lanka and offers some beautiful views from the fall. It offers a stunning and clear view from the Hatton and you can also find a special viewpoint. The best view you can see is from Nuwara Eliya Road to Dimbula.

 Also right across the street, you will find a vantage point Mlesna Tea Center where you will get an amazing coffee and tea that you can enjoy that time. A lot of people come here every year and capture the beautiful moments from the fall and enjoy their time with their family or friends. It is one of the waterfalls of Hatton

 Aberdeen Falls

The waterfall is situated in Ginigathhena, Sri Lanka and its total height is around 98m high. If you will visit Laxapana waterfall you must visit Nuwara Eliya. The water falls has two pools and offers a very mesmerizing view from the bottom.

If you want to reach the pool then you will require some hiking at the base of the waterfall. So go only when you know how to do hiking and if you are confident enough that you can do it then you must go as it is once in a lifetime opportunity. The base of the pool also offers a stunning vantage point along with the enchanting cascade. It is considered as one of the most amazing hiking in Sri Lanka and it is tough also but if you know how to do it you will be able to get through it for sure.

waterfalls of Hatton
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Ratna Ella

It is situated in Mahiyanga, Sri Lanka. It is yet another beautiful waterfall in this region. If you want to reach here you have to hike through the greenery dense forest although the hike can be tough but if you hike usually then it is not that tough also.

After about 45 minutes of walking, you will reach the point and the views from there are just too amazing and also a beautiful waterfall. The waterfall is about 101m high and the water flow is also used in paddy fields. There are pebbles and stones that are hidden under the water. It is yet one of the amazing waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It is one f the waterfalls of Hatton

waterfalls of Hatton
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Nanuoya Waterfalls

This water fall is located in Galssaugh and the waterfall originates from Nanu Oya River and flows through Udaradella before it falls down through a sequence of 25 steps. It creates beautiful misty effects and you will get some views to capture.

To reach to the waterfall you have to go via road and railway station and travel for about 1.5 km more to get to the destination.

So, these are some of the waterfalls of Hatton and no doubt, that the place gives you a lot of beautiful views to capture and enjoyable time to spend. If you ever go there do not forget to share your experience in the comments’ section below. For more trave,l related updates stay tuned!

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