Uses Of Tea Bags Probably You Didn’t Know

There are a large number of people who loves drinking tea and they want tea many times in a day. Their day starts with tea and ends with it. They are totally ‘Chai’ lovers but have you ever wondered what you can do with the tea bags that you throw after consuming tea?

Yes, there are several uses of tea bags that can surprise you. There are plenty of ways to use these bags in a good way as they can be useful enough. So, lets’ begin with the uses of tea bags on a daily life.

uses of tea bags
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You can re use the used tea bags in the garden also. This makes the plants of your garden protected from fungal infections and it is the main reason why the people gets dry and they get destroyed fast due to this infection. The easy thing to keep away the plants from infection is to use the tea bags and sprinkle some of the tea around the base of the plant.

This will help in fertilizing the soil and keep the insects and pests away from it. You can also add previously used tea bags to your composite pile in order to boost the nutrients of the plants. It works as manure too which helps the plant to grow and keep them healthy. In the earlier times when people used to do agriculture this was one of the uses of tea bags as there was not enough money with the people so they used to make manure out of tea bags also.


You can also use tea bags as antioxidants; bathing in warm water along with used tea bags is very good for your skin. Just leave the tea bag hanging in the water or let it flow in the bucket so that the tea bag will leave all its nutrients in the bathing water.

You can also add fragrant tea like Jasmine for an aromatherapy experience or try pre-brewed Chamomile tea to relax your whole body while you bathe. These will not only acts as antioxidants and other skin diseases like rashes or other allergic problems that happen on the skin.

If you don’t get much time from your busy life then you can surely have this bath and after this you will definitely feel calm and much relaxed as well as fresh.

uses of tea bags
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Get rid of grey hair

Yes, this is the most common problem in human beings and it is now happening at very young age also. It can happen for several reasons but one of the most common reasons is stress and tension. If you have lot of tension regarding anything then probably you might have gray hair.

Don’t worry we have a solution to this problem and it is used tea bags. Yes, you heard that right. You must need to boil bag in boiling water and then you have to put rosemary and sage together in the water. Leave it overnight before straining and after washing your hair you have to spray the water you left overnight or you can pour it also. Wrap your towel around the head and you can do it thrice or twice a week to get better results. 

uses of tea bags
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Relaxes the eyes

Today as we are so busy in your life and don’t have time for all these things. We work hard to earn money and also to achieve what we want in career. But we hamper our health that way and a lot of people have achy or puffy eyes.

You have to close your eyes for 20-25 minutes and before that soak used tea bags in warm water and place them over your eyes and relax for some time. The tea reduces the puffiness under your eyes as well as the dark circles. It works amazing if you want to get rid of dark circles too. Tea bags important as well as this method are way easier than any other one. It also soothe your tired and redness of the eyes and provides coolness to the eyes.

uses of tea bags
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Removes unpleasant smell

Tea bags have one more tendency to prevent the unpleasant smell of anything at your home and you can use tea bags can have capability to absorb odors without leaving behind any overpowering scents. Be it in drawer, shoes, bags or cloths you can always rely on these bags and I am sure that it will not smell unpleasant anymore once you remove these and it is also one of the best ways to uses to tea bags

So, these are some of the uses of tea bags on a day-to-day life and they are really helpful. For more lifestyle related updates stay tuned!

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