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Music changes our life and brings peace and happiness to us. Music is really important as it is another way of expressing your feelings and uplifting the mood of the person. Music has been there in our lives from a really long time now and we cannot think our life without it.

People usually listen to the music when they are very happy or if they are very sad. They know the importance of the music. Earlier, people thought that they will spoil their children’s future which is why they never sent them or encouraged them to opt for singing as their future.

Music is also one of the ways by which you can get rid of stress and pain that you might be suffering from life. So, we have come up with some beautiful US cites for music lovers and they must visit there. This place is one of the places for music lovers

places for music lovers
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New York

New York is one of the beautiful and romantic destinations in the world and a lot of people visit here every single year. It is center of the world and has a lot of mesmerizing places that attracts the visitors every single year.

New York is the perfect place for all the music lovers especially if you like hip hop music. The good place to visit in New York is the Sedgwick Avenue, it is with the honorary title of Hip Hop Boulevard and where the hip hop music was born.

There is a lot of performance that keeps on happening on the streets and people watch them from a distance. The musicians basically are hip hop ones and you will fall in love with the kind of atmosphere they make and you will be energetic throughout their live performance. You might also feel like joining them as it is not less than a concert. This place is one of the
places for music lovers

places for music lovers
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Chicago Blues

Now, when you think about Chicago what come in your mind? Yes, a person standing with the guitar and the other harmonica paired with Delta rhythm and that’s what makes Chicago blues unique. The Windy City is a famous historical hub when it comes to best brands of blues.

You can also go and watch some of the famous bands over there and you will surely fall in love with the kind of band you will see and it is not less than a concert over there. People come here to watch the performance of the musicians from different parts of the world.

If you ever go there you have to go to Chicago and watch the live show in Blues and it is one of the famous and reputed places in the destination. People come with their beloved or with their families to enjoy the show. Not only hip hop but you can also show some other singing talent live if you have one.  People are so fascinated by the singers over there and the whole place seems like there is some concert going on there in that place.

places for music lovers
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When we are talking about the music how can we forget about the famous and most beautiful music City Nashville which itself is a hub for the western music.There are so many musical institutions like Grand Ole Opry and the place where stars like Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash started off their career.

When you will visit there you will not be able to hold on your breathe and enjoy the music every time you end up going there. The best part is they don’t only have hip hop or only one kind of music but also features Indian songs, western songs, classical, opera and lots more.

If you ever go there just visit Bluebird cafe also which is one of the best restaurant cum bar there and you can also check out the contemporary acoustic scene. And the important thing you must do is that you should go to see Third Man Records which hosta live shows.

places for music lovers
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New Orleans 

When we are talking about music how can we forget New Orleans that shows that how dedicated the people are for music. They show the love for the music and the people are mad about ‘Jazz Funeral’.

With such flavorful locales as Treme, Cresent City, bourbon Street and Preservation Hall, you can experience exciting nightly by locals and touring musicians.

But if you are looking for the best live jazz and blues music and you cannot afford to forget Frenchmen Street, featuring The highest concentration of up-and-coming musicians on every block.

New Orleans is one of the most legendary places you can visit and there is also one of the famous thrilling performance. This place is one of the
places for music lovers

places for music lovers
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If we are talking about the live music then Atlanta is the perfect place to be and you can enjoy the live shows over there.

The country is going the hub of music for contemporary hip-hop and R&B, but there are other types of musical mix that includes Zac Brown Band, Mastodon and Kaki King.

It is also the home of the Symphony Orchestra and notable venues like the Philips Arena for large concerts. There are also one of the smaller bands includes The Masquerade and The Tabernacle that creates some mid-sized shows. This place is one of the places for music lovers

places for music lovers
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The city has a lots of rapper in the country and the rappers are born here. It is also one of the largest hub for rappers that perform here and it is also a hub for hip hop and indie rock.

This Midwestern hot spot offers large venues like the Target Center and Northrop Auditorium, where music lovers can enjoy the peppy songs and catch all year round.

Minneapolis offers small venues like Cabooze for more great lives acts. The place also offers some of the major feativals that this city holds like Dakota Jazz Club Festival, Mill City Love, Rock the Garden, and Basilica Rock Party.

So, these are some of the places for music lovers and if you ever visit any one of these then do share your experience and for more travel related updates stay tuned! 

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