Types of tea tradition from different parts of the world

Everyone loves drinking tea and there was a tradition in ancient time that started in South-West China in 2727 BC. According to the legend Shennong, his hot water became even tastier when he tried to add tea leafs in it.

Ever since that time the tea became famous and different countries have their own tea traditions now and they have developed their own unique flavors. So here are some fascinating tea cultures around the world

tea cultures around the world


In China tea is the basic need of the people and it is the basic amenity of life. Due to the country’s diverse climates, there are different types of tea including Oolong, Jasmine, pu-erh (fermented tea) and Gunpowder.

Cha Dao is basically depicting Chinese philosophies of balance and harmony. This offering can be seen in your home or anywhere else in between a group of 8-10 people.

tea cultures around the world


This tea is famous in North America and shows its culture. Moroccan mint tea is a combination of green tea and mint leaves and usually serves in small glasses. Guests are offered three glasses and the guest has to accept all three of them as to it is in their tradition.

They also offer nuts and sweets along with three glasses of tea.

tea cultures around the world


Tea in USA is also popular amongst the people and it is the second most drink that people take after alcohol. The people of America consider tea as a healthy diet and take it on a daily basis. They prefer tea over coffee.

Today, in America tea is mostly consumed by the people in morning or lunch and at evening also with some snacks.

tea cultures around the world


Russians also consume tea and there are only two things that Russians love the most: Vodka and tea. The tea tradition in Russia has been ruling in the country for a really long time now. The Russian tea is also known as zavarka is usually a black tea.

The people also add flavor to their tea including lemon, sugar, honey or any other herbs. Unlike in China, the Russians also consider a manner to offer tea to their guest whenever they came home.

tea cultures around the world


It might sound weird to you but the Tibetans drinks butter tea or Po Cha. They believe that if you have this tea it helps in cleansing your body from within and keeps it warm. The tea is made with pu-reh teacakes that are boiled in hot water for few hours before making tea.

Then they mix it well with salt and butter in a wooden churn also known as chandong. Probably this is the only drink around the world which is bit bitter and that’s what keeps the tourist away from this tea.  

tea cultures around the world


India is no less in consuming tea and has one of the largest consumers than any other country. They usually call the tea as chai and Assam is the largest producer in the country. You can see the tea stalls in every nook and corner in India.

Indian tea is basically made up of water, tea leaves, ginger, sugar and milk. Tea is a basic need for all the Indians be it winters or summers.

tea cultures around the world


People here have one of the weirdest teas in the name of sugar syrup and it is known as bubble tea. It is basically iced tea mixed with milk and sugar. This tea was created in 1988 at the Chun Shui Tang teahouse when by mistake Lin Hsiu Hui dropped tapioca balls from her dessert into her iced tea.

This tradition is going since then and named it bubble tea. After some time it got famous and often used in Asia, Europe and United States also and ot is most weirdest tea cultures around the world

So, these were some tea cultures around the world and if we have missed some, do let us know in the comment’s section below and for more food related updates stay tuned!

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