Types OF Fight In Every Relationship (And Their Solution)

Some people day fights are like a love booster in their love life whether some say that it ruins everything. Everyone has their own personal notions and thinking about the fight in a relationship and they also possess their own solution to combat it. But have you ever had a conversation with your friend about their relationship and they tell you some fight stories which are totally relatable to you? And you are like ‘Oh yes, it’s totally us.’ Well yes, it is bound to happen. Do you know why? Cause most of the fight in a relationship spin around the same issue.

1. Why Do You Spend So Much Money?

fight in a relationship
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Wasn’t spending money was far more easy when you were single?  Whether you are going with your friends or colleague, and you have a habit of paying the whole bill, Dude you are gone then. Many couples fight a lot around this issue, whether they spend too much on themselves or others.

Well, the solution is not that difficult though, start saving a bit of what you spend. Also divide your money into – ‘me, yours and ours format’. And be firm on your decisions. This way you will actually end up saving a lot and less fights.

2. Stop Using Your Phone!

fight in a relationship
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In today’s world where a majority of people own a Smartphone, the issue of connectivity has completely diminished. It increases your digital presence but minimizes your physical existence at the same time.  In a relationship, you all want equal attention from your partners, but when you give that part to your cell phone; it pisses the shit out of them. Don’t mess up our relationship like that.

Well, we all know that completely removing the existence of phone is just impossible, but all you can do is limit the use when you are with our partner. Set a period when you both will keep your phones down and enjoy the moment. So the solution is simple, just put that goddam phone down.

fight in a relationship
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3. You Don’t Help Around The House Chores!

Buying/ renting a house are not the problem but the reason for a fight is its maintenance. You all have that one person in the relationship who pays a lot less or even no attention to the house chores and that is the major cause for your fight. One not doing any work automatically increases the pressure on another person.

Now looking at the solution, see you both have a house so the responsibilities should also be divided equally between both of you. To sort this, just make a list of household work and divide them up between each other. Take up chores that suits you do the same with our partner. This way the burden will be less on one person. Also, after every work, give grades to each other (for motivation purpose!).

4. Why You Never Agree With Me?

fight in a relationship
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When you came together in a relationship, of course you were aware of the kind of person your partner is. Whether it about choices or opinions, they do differ from one person to another. If you both will have same answers how will you see other side of the story? So having a diverse opinion is not actually the problem, but coming up on miscellaneous conclusion is.

Look you are together for a reason and it’s not a war that one has to win. Just sit and talk to each other about the problem. Appreciate each other’s opinions and lastly come up with a mutual decision.

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