Top most places in USA and Canada you must visit in 2019

Vacations are the best part of our lives and everyone look forward to it either at the end of the year or in the starting.

Today, I will tell you some places to travel in 2019 and there are a lot of places in USA and Canada that people are not even aware of exists.

We are not going to talk about L.A or New York today. We are going to talk about the least known states of the countries.


Grand Canyon village one of the most famous entryway into the park and a lot of people come here in peak hours and mostly you will see this place very crowded.

It is a home to Yavapai Point, the best place to view the Canyon. If you are not interested in watching the canyon then you might go to visit the village and other nearby sites. 

The place is beautiful that you will not feel like coming back to your home. Most of the people come here to see the view of Canyon from different parts of the world.

places to travel in 2019

Honolulu – Oahu

The island of Oahu has a great mix of activities, particularly in Honolulu. If you like snorkeling or surfing then you should definitely visit the place and you can enjoy every bit of it.

If you go to Oahu also visit some of the renewed Beaches that include Kailua Beach Park, Lanikai Beach and Waikiki Beach. 

The place has its own beauty and after watching the picture beauty is the word that comes in my mind. This is one of the best places to travel in 2019

places to travel in 2019

San Diego

The place is good for those who are adventurous and sun seekers. The scenic beauty of La Jolla Cove will not let you leave the place anytime soon. 

Also spend some days at Balboa Park that defines cultural hub of the destination. You can also visit museums, theatres and gardens here 


places to travel in 2019


Whistler is known for its beauty and for winter holiday destination. It is famous for skiing, snow riding and tobogganing. 

You can also do snowmobiling and visit museums and cultural centers to know more about the country and their culture. After doing all this do not forget to have dinner at 21 steps or Alta Bistro, which is the famous restaurants there.

places to travel in 2019


If you love beach and can’t go to such places where beach is not there then Tofino is just a perfect place for you. It is all the people who look forward to seeking comfort in their cozy hotel rooms after coming from outside.

You can go to Long Beach and Chester man Beach and stay there all day long. Tofino is also famous for fish tacos so if you are going there your vacation is in complete without having fish tacos. 

Not only can these have you also gone for camping at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. It’s fun to be there.

So, these were some of the places to travel in 2019 and for more travel related updates stay tuned! 

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