Top Most Australian Restaurants That You Must Visit

Travel is love and we all should go and visit some place or the other and food and travel go hand in hand.  If you ever been to Australia I am sure that you must be aware of most of the restaurants serve authentic food over there.

Food is really important for us but if you go to someplace to have vacations then you should know all about the places and if you are a big foodie then you should also know about the famous food places of that place. Australia is one of the famous places around the globe and you should know all
topmost American cuisines that serve authentic food to the visitors as well as to the people.

top most American cuisines
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Friends Restaurant

This restaurant is in Perth and it is one of the oldest restaurants that serve the authentic Australian cuisine. The restaurant offers exotic and rare dishes matched with an award winning wine list. They offer great hospitality and mouth watering food to all the people who come here and people are quite warm and welcoming.

If you go there do not miss the waterfront property that overlooks the Swan River. If you have to go there you must try truffle degustation meal with matching wines. These things are people’s favourite and mouthwatering food.

top most American cuisines
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FermentAsian is the brainchild of an award winning chef and the owner of the restaurant who opened the place and he planned to serve special Southeast Asian and the menu of this café is inspired from Vietnamese cuisines. The restaurant is in South Asia. 

If you ever go there then you must try Hanoi spring rolls, grilled South Australian prawns and Barossa Hampshire pork belly are some things that they are specialized in it. So whenever you go there you must go there and have these mouth watering dishes if you really want to taste how Australian food is like.   

It is also one of the topmost Australian restaurants that you must visit and you must go there. It is also one of the topmost American cuisines

top most American cuisines
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Watergate Restaurant & Lounge Bar

The Watergate restaurant and lounge bar is in Port Douglas, Queensland. It is an enchanting piece of land that offers both outdoor and indoor sitting. Those who love watching the weather and having their meal can sit outside and those who want to sit inside they can enjoy the time alone.

The restaurants use the fresh and real spices and ingredients to make the cuisines and they make your day memorable. Their dishes have a lot of modern tinge to it and they are very tasty if you eat them. If you ever go there you should try duck pancakes and cuttlefish entrée which are really famous.

You can also ask for a cocktail along with it and if you ask for anything they will serve you according to what best they can do and there is everything they will do to make their guests happy. It is also one of the topmost American cuisines

top most American cuisines
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Nobu Japanese Restaurant

This restaurant is located in Perth the dishes are a mixture of Japanese cuisine as well as South American flavors and the people are very much happy to have the dishes of this restaurant. It is also considered as one of the top most Australian restaurants that you must try. It has the worlds’ unique dining experience for the foodies.

The restaurant is so famous that if you ask there from anyone they will tell you where exactly it is if you find any difficulty. You can the delicious dishes here and the staff of the restaurant exquisitely presents itself and the famous dishes are prawn tempura or sashimi salad or sushi soup. 

People come from different parts of the world and they are the biggest fan of their dishes and get fascinated by the making of food. It is one of the topmost American cuisines

top most American cuisines
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Spirit House

Spirit house restaurant is in Queensland and serves some exotic dishes and has a lot of capacity and still serves the award winning quality of contemporary Asian food. The place will give you amazing vibe and the property also has the tropical garden.

The most amazing dish that you must try here is coconut soup and also smoked salmon that taste stunning and looks so tempting. The dish is said to be ‘divine’. You can also try a bite of those whole crispy fish. If you go you should eat all these things if you ever visit there.

So, these are some of the top most American cuisines and restaurants  that you must go to if you ever visit there and you will always remember the food and do not forget to share your experience in the comment’s section below. Stay tuned for more travel related updates.

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