Top 15 Most Handsome Man In The World

According to TC CANDLER, an online portal, here is a list of 15 pictures who won the title of World’s most handsome men.

1. Kim Tae-hyung

The singer who belongs to so South Korea is given the title of World’s most hand man 2018. He is a singer, songwriter and most surprisingly just 22 years old. Kim Tae is ranked number 1 on the list of World’s Most Handsome Men.

2. Jason Momoa, an actor

World's Most Handsome Men
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Second on the rank of the list of World’s Most Handsome Men is Jason Momoa. He became a prominent name after his role in the web series Game Of Thrones. Jason is widely appreciated for his character as Aquaman in DC films. He is 39 years old and a father of 3 children. Two years back he got married to Lisa Bonet.

3. Armie Hammer

World's Most Handsome Men
Pic Courtesy – AFP/East News  

Armie Hammer is an American born actor. He began his career by playing side roles in many television series. Hammer gained popularity by The Social Network (2010). He is the 3rd one in the rank of World’s Most Handsome Men

4. James Reid

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James, whos mother herself is a former singer, won a local reality show and became popular with that. He is most popular among the young generation and fourth in the rank of World’s Most Handsome Men.

5. William Levy

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William was born in a small village of Havana. He moved to The United States in order to study business and support his family. William later realized that it was not what is actually wanted for life. He left studies and pursue his career as an actor. William has secured the fifth position in the list of World’s Most Handsome Men.

6. Stanley Weber

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Stanley’s father, Jacques Weber is a well-known actor and director. Thus it was crystal clear for Stanley what he wants from his future and career.
He is the 6th in the rank of World’s Most Handsome Men

7. Felix Kjellberg

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Felix is a well-renowned name in the world of Youtube. His channel has more than 65 million subscribers. He dropped out of college and began to record videos for this youube channel.

8. Idris Elba

World's Most Handsome Men
Pic Courtesy – Gilbert Flores / Broadimage / East News  

Idris always wanted to serve London nights as a DJ in his youth. He has also worked at Ford and played roles in many TV serials. His acting career reached a new hike after he turned 30. Idris has marked his presence in more 50 films till date.

9. Sehun

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He is also called one of the most handsome and charming Asian men. He is a popular singer in South Korean EXO band.

10. Mariano Di Vaio

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Mariano Di Vaio was pursing his modelling career when he realized to start his own website to explore more of men fashion. He is a blogger and serves men who are interested in fashion and style.

11. Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles Pic Courtesy – Instagram

Jensen Ackles got his fame by his character in Supernatural and Smallville. He got married to actress and model Danneel Harris in 2009. He is a father of 3 children and often post adorable pics on Instagram.

12. Oscar Isaac

World's Most Handsome Men
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Issac was detained from school because of his weird behavior but he still managed to complete his education from Juilliard School..ow he is a well known actor.

13. Jungkook

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Jungkook always wanted to become a singer since he watched a local singing show. Now he is a renowned singer, dancer and song write in BTS gang. He is also perusing his talent individually.

14. Aaron Taylor-Johnson

World's Most Handsome Men
Pic Courtesy – AXELLE/BAUER-GRIFFIN/East News  

Aaron Taylor became a renowned name after he played the lead character in the movie Nowhere Boy. He got married in 2012 to Samantha Taylor and they share 4 children.

15. Barış Arduç

World's Most Handsome Men
Pic Courtesy – Youtube

Barış always wanted to be an athlete. He has also won many medals in the same field. But as soon as he grew up, he realized his love for acting and that he was more inclined towards arts. Thus he persuade this field is now a well known actor.

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