Top 10 trending apps in the USA

If I talk about Americans spending time on their mobile phone or tablets so let me tell you that they spend half of the time on their phone if they are sitting ideal. That is their best time pass and according to a report they have 57% of apps.

So, let’s get started with the number of trending apps in the USA.

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Facebook has been on the top of the list of trending apps as everyone uses this app for the social reasons. It is a great social platform that people are able to connect with each other across the globe.

It is said that 81% of the population in America uses Facebook and it is considered the largest country in the world who consume so much time on this app.

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Initially this platform was not so popular in America but from the past four years the app is trending and you can see a lot of people making their account on Instagram. It is also like Facebook but it is still different than that.

Instagram allows you to put anything on your status and it will be there for 24 hours. You have message facility also if you want to talk to someone you can chat there. You can also keep your account private by that other people who aren’t in your account will not be able to see your posts and pictures. It came in 2010.

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Now when I talk about this, it is also considered the most loveable app around the world. Youtube allows you to watch any trailer or movie or if you want to listen to particular song. This shows videos, be it song or anything. You can search anything you want to related to cooking or studies.

According to a report, 71% of population uses Youtube.

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This is also one of the trending apps that came in 2011 and people are crazy about this one especially girls. The app offers different types of filters that you can use and upload your pictures. There are mostly crown filters or some funny also and the filters keep on changing after a certain time.

If reports are to be believed then, 61% of people is having an account on Snapchat.

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Google Maps

This app is used basically for navigation. If you aren’t sure about the destination you are heading to so download this app and you can get there very easily by Google maps.

The people of USA use this app on a daily basis and this platform is now trending not only in USA but also in other countries. The trend but started from USA.

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Whatsapp is a platform that allows you to talk to each other over texts and now a lot of things have come up on Whatsapp as the makers of the app has upgraded their features. Now you can video call and do a normal call also but for that you have to have either Wifi or data connection.

You can share pictures, videos and lots more to your loved ones and USA is the biggest user of this app.

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This provides you to mail anyone. This is more for professional use and for exchanging mails regarding any meeting or a job. You have to make an account or an email ID so that people can mail you important documents or letters on your mail.

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TikTok is a medium and let you allow the short stories or dialogues of any movies or television show and people imitate the dialogues and act in the short video. In 2018, it was extended in the USA also and it gained momentum in the world gradually. Initially, it was popular in China as China has discovered the app.

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Netflix is a substitute of television that offers you a great range of television shows and different types of content across the world. You can watch movies that are also of different categories.

Earlier it was only popular in America but now this trend is spreading like a fire. Netflix has more entertainment that you could ever possibly watch.  

trending apps

Google Chrome

This app provides you a lot of information whatever you want to get. You can search related to studies or anything. Internet is very vast and you can get any information out here.

So, if you are some trending apps that people use in the USA and for more brewed content stay tuned!

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