Tips To Practice Self Care In A Relationship (With Your Partner)

Self care in a relationship is a very important part of one’s life. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you cannot practice any self-care habits. Instead, just include your partner in this wonderful exercise and perform self-care together.

Such habits not only strengthen your emotions and well being on a personal level but also work as a special booster for your relationship. Here are some tips to practise self care in a relationship.

self care in a relationship
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Take Out Time To Discuss About Your Aspiration

Thinking about your present and making plans to make them even better is a very good practice. And you must communicate with your partner about this on a regular basis. Take out time to converse about your long-term goals and visions. Telling these aspirations to your partner will make you more accountable and serious and you will be motivated every time towards fulfilling these goals.

Not only that, if you set goals in front of or through a fair discussion with your partner, you are often open to diverse vision and they’ll also feel as if they hold importance in your life and you’ll also experience less fight in your relationship.

Either make your long-term goals or discuss with your partner later or you both can make it together which is even better. This way you will get to know both about yourself and about your partner’s likes, dislikes, fear, need etc.

Also, after having such a deep and full of meaning conversations, you both will feel more connected and attached to each other.

self care in a relationship
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Always Work Together On Something

Doing something together, as a team is a very important custom and you must practice it in order to have a healthy relationship. It is also equally important while practising self-care. There is no need for the work to be as big as breaking a rock. A simple hobby like learning dance or music together or even carrying out decent action like de-cluttering the house, making photo collage will do the work. Always working on something together not only gives you a sense of achievement as a team but also strengthens the bond you both share. And anyway if you’ll not be in motion, you’ll end up watching stupid Netflix and eating popcorns your whole damn life.

Always try to inculcate in new habits and try to learn new habits. This is a very caring behaviour in marriage. It not only keeps your mind in functioning mode but also keeps you healthy and safe. It’s always good to keep your mind in action and because your partner is also joining you, just enjoy the moments of intimacy. Such habit creates a sense of positivity and inculcates the feeling of love in a relationship.

self care in a relationship
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Plan Your Next Trip

Whenever you feel like the situations are not in your favour, just start planning your next trip together. Either research it yourself and then tell to your partner or make the plans together will mutual agreement and you’ll feel the relationship being sweeter like never before. This will make your toxic relationship into a loving caring relationship.

Make sure to always note down your plans in a notebook. Take out sufficient time to brainstorm about it and make plans for your next journey, just use a paper and pen. This may seem childish to you as in this era of computers and phone, the use of such stationeries are just negligible but trust me they will help you in literally visualizing your trip like never before.

Make your plans in advance in order to disregard all sorts of hassle and disappointments. And make sure it is mutually done. And who knows you can use this as your travel journal or scrapbook!!!!

self care in a relationship
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The most underestimated yet helpful practice you must consider is meditation. You all know how good it can do to you body then why run away from it? Sometimes your body needs nothing but a calm environment and a proper meditation gesture. It not only helps you remove negativity from your body but also provides inner balance and calmness. When you share such things with your partner, you are walking a step closer in making your relationship sturdy and trustworthy. Meditation also helps in strengthening your intuitions.

So, converse and take out time, either in the morning or before going to bed. Sit with your partner in a calm environment and meditate.

Go Around Together

Take your dog to walk, or go together to buy groceries for your home but make sure to spend time not only at home but outside too. If possible try to coordinate your timings and exercise together at gym or yoga classes.

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