Tips To Make Your First Date Successful

So, you have met this super cool new person and all set to go out with them. But is the occasion of giving you cold feet?
It can be a bit nerve-wracking when you are planning to go out with someone who is like your “dream person “. Of course, you don’t want to spoil things up and want your date to be damn successful. In order to make it super cool date which will ensure that they will call you for the second one, there are several does and don’ts you must follow.

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There are a few habits and gestures which you should avoid at all cost. But now the question is what should you actually do. You must have heard this common advice like be yourself or act naturally and no matter how cliche it becomes, it will always be one of the best advice always.

Here are some successful dating tips every one should know.

Always Talk

Starting from pre-date night to actually while you both are going on one, do not hold back from speaking. Suppose your date has booked a Chinese restaurant for your date night but you hate Chinese food, speak up. It is always a good idea to communicate your likes and dislikes instead of getting awkward with the situation.

Communication is a healthy practice and very successful dating tips you must follow at all cost. Suppose if your date is asking what dessert would you like to order, don’t be blunt and say, “do whatever you want”. This looks rude. Participate in everything, even if it is about small things like ordering.

Dress Comfortably

Obviously everybody wants to look chic and give a super first impression. The first date is a very important crucial time for that but don’t let this ruin your comfort level. Tight dresses, makeup, high heels, all these things are surely a personality enhancer. They make you look even hotter than usual. But what is important on your first date is comfort level. Don’t do things which will stop your breathing process.

If you will not be able to walk because of high heels or eat properly due to overly tight dresses your aura will be full of anxiety and worries. You will constantly get anxious about everything.

So wear what you are comfortable with. Jeans and a t-shirt with light makeup is enough to charm your date.

Also just make sure you follow a bit of dressing code. You might feel comfortable in pajamas but that doesn’t mean you will end up showing in those (unless your partner is wearing the same).

Stay Sober

Getting drunk may seem a pretty good option for you. But do keep in mind it may fireback the plan. Just take some time, get to know each other on your first date. Maybe your partner is not comfortable right now making you puke in the backyard or holding your heels while you are throwing up in the bar.

The successful dating tips is to stay sober on your first date. Just have a mocktail or so with your dinner and pay more attention to knowing the other person.

Stay away from your phone

This is one of the major issues with people nowadays. They just can not stay away from their phones even for a minute. When you are going on a date it is crucial that you spend that time to know your date. Talk to each other instead of just scrolling through social media handles. Also, this looks RUDE. When you spend all that time constantly looking at your cell phone screens and clicking pictures of yourself or food to upload it, it is not a good habit.

Pay equally

Another one in the list of successful dating tips is to offer to pay equally for the bill. Especially ladies should understand this. The menu does not mean “men u”. We are living in a 21st-century world and everyone is talking about equality. So letting your date pay all the amount is not being equal. Always offer to split the bill. Insist on doing it, as you mean it. And always be prepared to do so. Not for formality but for real.

Of course, if your date insists on paying all this time, there is no need to fight over it on the spot and create a scene because you are a feminist. Just wait for the next time and make sure if you who is paying that time. Pay in advance if you are even a little bit unsure whether your date will allow you to do so or not. But make sure you di it.

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