Tips To Help You Plan A Mesmerizing Road Trip

Road Trips are just the best! They are one hell of an adventure, spontaneous and unforgettable experience. However, planning one is not as simple as you think. It requires a lot of good planning and adequate time. Whether you are planning for a road trip in couple, group or even solo trip, We have here a good road trip planners to aid your journey and give you a seamless experience.

So pack your bags, friends and family and just hit the road.

The Venue

The first and foremost decision has to be the ‘VENUE’. Where do you actually want to go? Without the knowledge of the destination, a journey is quite incomplete and unsorted too. And of course, it has to be mutually accepted by everyone you are taking along the trip). Also, the venue should be fixed as concrete. Constant changing plans will only delay the whole journey, ultimately eliminating all the interest and eagerness from everybody’s side. So, STICK TO THE PLAN!!

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Duration Of Your Trip

The next important thing is to decide the how much time you are willing to spend. Just don’t make it like a 2 day trip or so. Remember this is a road trip, so there will be ample of exhaustion. And if not taken proper rest, this tiredness will ruin everything.
Also, when you are on a road trip, you are your own boss. So, take out time to discover and appreciated all those road side markets and “dhaba” you’ll come across while heading towards your destination.
It’s always better to consider 1-2 days extra apart from your journey schedule for emergency purposes or god forbid any harsh circumstances.

Cost Of The Budget

The third tip for you is to thoroughly research and plan an estimated budget required for the trip. How much this road trip is gonna cost is much underestimated yet very important question you must ask yourself before going into one. This way you’ll get to know if the trip is even affordable or will leave our pocket with a burnt hole.
If you are going in a duo or group road trip, it’s also a good idea to understand the total needed budget for the trip. This way you can divide the expenditure among yourselves with a lot less mess.

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Now because it is a ‘road trip’, what route to choose is very important in order to have a safe and quick journey.  Though now a day’s Google Map has become the ultimate ‘guide’ in such situations, the pre-planned route is no less.
In your pre-planning stage do look for the fastest and smoothest route to reach your beloved destination. Also, carry a handy map along for places where internet is an issue. Google Map is surely the saviour but what will you do when there is no network?

Advance Reservation

The worst mistake people make is to leave the reservations for last day to book your stay. You must never ever do that one. Under no circumstances you should wait for the last moment. Whether you are opting for hotel, hostel or sharing rooms, make sure you are all sorted with advance booking.
This will also help you save few bucks when you are on a budget trip.

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Knowledge About The Venue

You must have through knowledge about the venue you are planning to visit. Learn about their do’s and don’ts, their culture and ethics in advance so that the chances of any mistake can be minimized.
Also, this way you’ll also be aware about the about of safety measure you must consider while visiting the venue.

Clothes And Packing

Vacations can be the perfect time for filling up your Instagram and Facebook pages with your endless pics. Different locations, different mood and Different clothes. Err.. This is practical when you are using any transport facility to fly away directly to the destination. But while on a road trip it’s best to carry light and ambiguous clothes that will fit for every occasion. Take along basic top and bottoms and forbid making your bag bulky.

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Car Servicing

Of course the servicing!.  ALWAYS check your car thoroughly before you go on a road trip. It’s probably the most important part among all. Starting from air in tires to coolant, make sure everything is just perfect. Not just jam-pack your fuel tank but also carry a sufficient amount with yourself in cases when pumps are far away. Also check the stepney and important car tools.


Double check your id cards (passport etc) and other important documents like car insurance papers, pollution, car registration paper and others while you are heading towards the journey. There is no substitute for them in any case AND AT ANY COST. Don’t take along a soft copy, rather prefer a hard copy.

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