Tips to get rid of bloated stomach period

I think it the worst time of the month when a girl gets her periods. I can well understand the pain girls! Some go through extreme pain while some have backache and bloating all day long. Women have to bear a lot being a woman.

Girl’s body go through hormonal changes that’s why they feel tired and frustrated all the day and it is similar to a roller coaster ride of mood swings and irritation. Being a girl you might think that you know how to tackle the pain during menstruation but the fact is very few girls know about how to get rid of the pain. So, let’s start with the tips to get rid of bloated stomach period


Eat Chocolates

Chocolates are our best friends when we are on our periods. If reports are to be believed, chocolates tame the mood swings and changes the mood in a positive way. Having chocolate is the best way to have control on bloating.

So, next time whenever you have cramps eat chocolates and you will be okay.


Eat healthy

This is one of the important tips to get rid from bloated stomach period as girls bleed a lot during menstruation so they should keep in mind to eat something healthy. Add green veggies to your diet and have fruits to keep your body hydrated. Keeping a healthy diet plan is really important for all the women.


Take hot water shower

One more important thing is to bath regularly as it will help your genitals to be clean and you will feel fresh. Whenever you bath just take hot or warm shower it will soothe your pain and you will feel relaxed.

Hot shower will not only help you to get rid of the pain but also give relief to you and charge up your mood as you all the time feel lethargic.


Cleaning method

You should always change your pad after 6 hours and if you wear tampons then within every 2 hours. Doing this you will not able to catch vaginal infection or any other problem. Wearing the same pad for hours might land you in trouble.

So, change them as soon as you feel that there is a need to do that.


Don’t wear white colors

Usually women hesitate going out when they are bleeding some don’t find comfortable while others have their own reasons. But if you are planning an outing make sure that you don’t wear white as you aren’t sure about the leakage and if you don’t want to destroy your clothes don’t go for white these days.


Avoid junk food

When on periods avoid junk food as it can increase your fluid retention. Eating junk food would definitely deteriorate your health in some or the other manner. Instead of having junk food stay hydrated.

So, these were some of the tips to get rid of bloated stomach period when suffering from periods. Let us know in the comment’s section below if we missed any other important points according to you. For more lifestyle related updates stay tuned!

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