Tips To Avoid Regular Fights In Your Relationship

Fights in a relationship are sometimes as normal as chilling together. It is most often considered as a sign of a healthy relationship. You fight for food, money, household chores, workload and whatnot, though they are cute sometimes. Fights are not something that is bad if stays in its limits. But when they become the monotony of your life, it’s high time to take serious action against it. There is a line for everything which shouldn’t be crossed.
Save yourself from being a part of a toxic relationship.

If you are one those who are fed up with continuous fights in their dating life, marriage and your toxic relationship is leading its way to the divorce, it’s high time you introspect yourself and find what is the problem. Here are some tips that will help you eliminate the fight in your relationship.

toxic relationship
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Learn To Cool Down

The major problem people face during fights in their marriage or while dating each other is that their de-escalation process takes time. They don’t introspect the time when they become reactive or aggressive and cool down. If you are one of those who get triggers easily, you must learn to calm yourself down firmly too.
Constant aggressive or angry nature often leads to unsolved problems and they may harm you in future. So, it’s better to cool down as fast as you get angry and later talk to your soul mate regarding the reason for the fight.

You Cannot Be Always Right

Winning an argument makes you feel like a ‘King/Queen’ in front of everybody but that doesn’t mean you can always right. This habit of yours, wanting to win every argument can be the reason for your regular fights. Insisting on your point while in an argument is only going to heat up the argument. You need to understand that both of you are not on the same page, thus conflicting in order to convince another person that they are wrong is very destructive in a marriage and even when you are dating. It’s the first sign of a toxic relationship.

You need to accept and understand each other’s perspective. This way only you’ll end up deciding a solution with mutual consent.
Remember what is six for you is also nine for someone else. It’s just a matter of perspective.

toxic relationship
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Fight In A Right Way

Yes, there is a way to fight in a ‘right’ manner. Instead for beginning with loads of accusation, try to initially form a conversation. Don’t just break a full bottle of allegations on your partner’s head in the first place. This way you will only make it a toxic relationship. Always stay calm while talking, even when you feel like escalating.
Also, learn to take responsibilities for our actions. This way you will develop a trust factor and a sense of maturity in the conversation.

Don’t Keep Things For Next Time

Never ever leave any fight in between. Just to cherish your present you are ruining your future. This way your relationship will only end be becoming worse and you both will become victims of daily fights ultimately resulting in a toxic relationship.
Learn to address issues as soon as they come up. Don’t leave it for some other time. If there is something bothering you repeatedly, just deal with it. This way issues will become huge and will not ruin your ‘everyday’.

Speak Up

If you are tired or you had a bad day, just speak up and let your partner know about it. There is no guessing game going on. Behave like adults coz you are one.  Communication is the only key which will sail your boat during any storm. Talk to each other and let them know about your situation and what you are going through. Your silence is not going to help the situation but your words will. This way not fights in your relationship will decrease to a great level and you both will have a better understanding too.

toxic relationship
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Stop If You Can

If you come across some situations which can be ignored and not are that serious in manner, learn to disregard them. Always ask yourself one simple question before escalating your temperament – ‘Is that a real problem’ or ‘Is It Worth The Fight’? You will get the answer. Then decide what action is required.
Just because he/she forgot to bring your favourite food or groceries while heading back home is definitely not something that important due to which you would want to ruin your whole day, right?

End Your Fight Mutually

Never end any conversation or fight just because you want to cool things down. Calming down the environment can never be as important as clearing things out So focus on the matter and try to solve things with each other consent. Mutually taken decisions can never be again become a reason for your fight. So, solve the fight once and for all.

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