Things You Should Never Say To Your Husband

Marriage is pretty much one of the best things that could happen to anyone. You get a new family, a forever cuddling partner, a best friend who will always be there to cheer you up without depending upon the clock. Your husband will always be there, beside you to take care of you during all those hard times and help you walk through all the tough paths of your life. The list is never-ending.

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With time people forget the importance of each other in their lives. The passion starts diminishing after a few years of marriage. People forget that love along with being a feeling, requires an action to prove it and they no longer want to do anything in this respect.

Nourishing your relationship ones in a while is very crucial. Marriage is about sacrificing. It is about putting your better half before you and give more importance to their wishes and needs above yours which most of the people often forget after long-running years of their marriage.

Talking freely in your marriage is a good practice but one should know the limit and learn to draw a line on what should and what shouldn’t be said in front of their partner. Words hold more power than actions. They can turn a sad unsuccessful relationship into a healthy and happy one and vice versa.

Thus what you speak matters a lot in your relationship. As you know words cannot be unsaid, which means what you say affects the environment and your relationship with them a lot. Some harmful words can even give a permanent scar to a marriage. Here are a few sentences which hold the power to either break your relationship or leave a lifetime impact on it. So, think twice before you say any of these to your husband.

I regret marring you

Sometimes when your expectations are not meet or you are super frustrated with managing all the household chores alone, say just out of anger or frustration you may feel like saying these phrases, “I wish I was single” or “I regret marrying you”. These harmful words, which you might regret saying later can affect your marriage no matter how successfully running it is from past years.

These words make your husband realize that this marriage is a failure and none of the efforts were worth anything. He will start seeing himself as a loser in everybody’s eyes, including himself. It is very disrespecting and toxic lines to say to your husband.

I do everything for this house

Though it may be true. You spend all day running around the house, taking care of kids, household chores alone, it is not right to mention these things using such harmful words. When you complain like that you are making your husband feel pity and that he is not doing anything for you, even after having rough days at work.

Instead, try to involve him in helping you with the household chores and appreciate his hard work in the office. You know the old saying, give what you expect. When you acknowledge others work and commitments, they are likely to do the same to you.

You’re Overreacting

When you say such harmful words to your husband it shows that their emotions are unjustified or are not being heard. This inculcates a fear inside them and they stop showing their vulnerable side to you which is a very important part of a healthy marriage. Don’t judge them!! That’s the worst you could do to your husband.

Even if you are trying to calm them down by saying this, it can backfire at you. Such words make people even angrier than before. So give him time and let him react in his own way. If you want to help, instead of telling him what to do and how to react, listen to what he has to say and show some empathy. Trying to control how your husband reacts can make push your relationship from being happy one into a toxic relationship in no time.


One of the most harmful words you can use against your husband is the “D” word. During a heated argument or fight, it is quite common to use such words. But people don’t understand they cannot unsay any word. No matter how hard they try they will never ever be able to compensate the amount of bad impact such words have on a marriage.

So even if you regret saying it later you can do nothing about it. It will fill your marriage with insecurities, doubts and what not. It will spoil everything. So, make sure to never ever come up with the divorce word no matter how badly you want to say it after a fight (until and unless there is any kind of abuse is involved).

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