Things you should never reveal to someone

It is really important to open up with people and getting to know each other as it builds a good relationship with others and you can share whatever you feel like with them if you are close to them. But do you know there are some secrets you should never tell to anyone

Women are notorious and usually have a habit of telling everything to people around them and they are not be able to be tight-lipped about their deep secrets when it comes to the relationship. They don’t know that other people might judge them or say something about them in their back.

Now we aren’t saying that you should be dishonest to people around you or you should not talk to them nicely. All we are saying is just don’t reveal everything with them as this might land you in trouble and you should be quite when asked about question on your relationship and you should take it to your grave.

So, let’s begin with the secrets you should never tell anyone and this will benefit you only and to be on a safer side talk tow every one but do not get close to people much about it.

secrets you should never tell to anyone
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You stalk your ex on social media

This is one of the most important secrets you should never tell to anyone and we know that all of us have done that at least once in our life. Some might have done that to see where they are and how are they doing in their life without you. Some might have stalked them might have done that because they still miss their presence in their life.

The worst part is that you cannot even tell this to your current boyfriend as this might create a rift in your relationship and your boyfriend can become really unsecure because of this thing. He will get all the wrong ideas in his head so this should be on the first on this list.

Not only this, he might also think that you still have a soft corner for him and you have not really moved on in your life because that’s probably be the only reason why people go back to their ex. But the reality would be something else and you might have checked him out just to make sure that you took the right decision by leaving him

secrets you should never tell to anyone
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When you find your boyfriend’s friend hot

Have you ever imagined that you tell your boyfriend that his best friend is really hot and has a really good sense of humor and he has also a good personality? Well we think that’s something that might offend him being your boyfriend.

You will not tell it to him as you know how sensitive and insecure men can be sometimes. He might think that you are into them and that’s not the case entirely. You are just saying that they look hot and we don’t think so that complementing someone is not a bad thing.

The moment you will say this he will come up with lots of questions that will be raised on your loyalty and love which we know you would never want to happen. So to be on a safer side just keeps these secrets you should never tell to anyone

secrets you should never tell to anyone
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You find your boss attractive

These days a lot of things happening around in the office and the most common thing is when your boss has been linked with some employee in the office or if they are in relationship with each other. Just because your boyfriend might get insecure if you tell him that you find your boss really attractive. This is one of the secrets you should never tell to anyone

Or probably you find him smart and dashing and if you tell it to anyone then everyone will judge you that how can you get attracted to someone if you are already in relationship with someone. But the worst thing is that they don’t understand that if you find someone attractive or smart doesn’t mean that you are in love with them.

They might just think that you are weird and are into older men even if you are single. And the worst feeling is that people might think that because you are having an affair with your boss probably the only reason why you are getting promoted rather than looking at the kind of hard work you are doing to get this position that you are holding right now.

secrets you should never tell to anyone
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You compare your current boyfriend with your ex

So, this is really common among ladies that they will compare their current boyfriend with their ex and a lot of people do it just to get the satisfaction that they are dating a better person than their ex. And it is like if you have bought the new car and you are comparing the new feature with the old one.

There is no harm in comparison as a basic human nature but you should keep it with you and it is one of the secret things you should never tell to anyone. Yeah, if you want to keep this little detail away from your man then stop talking about each and everything. He will feel hurt that you are comparing him with your past that means you have not really moved on and still stuck with him.

So, these are some of the secrets you should never tell to anyone and for more relationship related updates stay tuned!

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