Things You Should Discuss With Your Partner While Moving In Together

You both have dated since a few months and now you would like to take a step further in your relationship by moving in together. If you are also planning to do the same thing with your partner, well firstly congratulations. Decisions such as moving in with your partner is not a small thing. Yeah, it is pretty cool and exciting and romantic as hell but it is one of the biggest responsibilities of your life. So if you are willing to take the risk just do it.

moving in with your partner
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Secondly, now that you have planned to do there are some things you should make clear first. They hold a lot of importance and will impact how you happily you both live together. Of course, you just cannot get your luggage and start living together carefree. It requires a lot of responsible attitude and maturity to live together, especially when you both are in your initial days of the relationship.

Initial years of a relationship are more of a honeymoon phase so you may see no problem in living together but the problem occurs when things start to get real. From seeing your partner shave to actually noticing their small unhygienic gestures, you will get prone to an end number of such new behavior of your partner which were obviously hidden before. Thus tackling such situations will need you to be prepared physically and mentally.

So here are some discussion which is very crucial to have if you are moving in with your partner.

Who will pay what

The very first thing you should be taking care which moving in with your partner is about finances. This may seem unnecessary to you because till now you both have just paid whatever you hold but now that you are planning to live together it is very important to manage who will pay what.

Such things actually end up ruining relationships and making couples part away forever. Surely you do not want any such thing to happen to both of you. So, get sorted with these things in advance. Divide among yourself according to how much you both earn. Groceries, electricity bills, food, furniture, split everything if possible. This is a sign of a healthy relationship. It also makes you grow as a team.

Keeping a secret about your financial issues or your salary will only break the other partner’s trust and will cause insecurity in your relationship.

Decide days for your friends to visit your place

Suppose there is a FIFA match and your partner has planned a super get together with his friends and is planning to watch the match with them. But at the same time, your girlfriends show up because you have planned a night out with them too. Now, what will you do in such a situation?

These type of things are quite common because you both are in your initial days and don’t know much about each other. Thus you do things accordingly and end up ruining it for both of you. So it is better to get such things straight in advances. Make a list of days when you want to have a party with your friends. In fact, write it down the very moment and stick it in your fridge magnet. This way you both will enjoy your space without intruding your partner’s.

Bathroom timings

At your house you were the king!! You had your own bathroom and you played your life with your rules. But when you are moving in with your partner the chances of having 2 bathrooms is a bit less. It means you both will have to share it.

Yeah, it sounds sensual and romantic but also can cause a huge fight between both of you. Now imagine you both have important meetings at your respective office and will have to reach at the same time, How will you both manage to get ready together? And you will be surprised to know that such incidents happen quite regularly with couples.

But don’t worry there is a solution to it. Instead of fighting for space just decide a time before moving in with your partner. You can divide hours and just stick to it strictly.

How to manage times when you get annoyed of each other

Before when you both used to get annoyed with each other you could just stop talking, take your own time and get back together. But now that you are moving in with your partner, there are fewer chances of enjoying such liberty. You both will be together all the time. So how are you planning to manage such situation is very necessary to decide in advance, Make sure you don’t feel claustrophobic together. Leave some space for each other. One should never let go of her personal identity and personality in a relationship.

So make sure you both have a backup plan for such instances while moving in with your partner.

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