Things you can do while travelling to best travel destinations ‘Raja Ampat’

I can only say it is mesmerizing and alluring beauty and these are some words that I have in mind while describing Raja Ampat.

With the crystal clear water and perfect background all over the place, Raja Ampat is one of the most scenic beauties in the world. It is the best travel destinations around the world

best travel destinations


Piaynemo is the prettiest place with lot of water and picturesque background. To reach to the destination you have to book a boat and it might take about an hour and a half. 

After reaching Piaynemo, there is a view point and to see that you have to climb to the top and honestly speaking it is worth taking so much of pain as the view point looks surreal.

best travel destinations


Raja Ampat is also famous for diving and is one of the best destinations for diving. 

There are several dive lodges around the Raja Ampat which are bit costly but it is worth spending as the place is alluring.

Don’t worry; if you don’t know diving, the snorkeling here is amazing. 

best travel destinations

Get along with the local people

Apart from this, there are few communities there including Arborek, Sawingray and Yenbuba.

They are the most amazing people around and from them you can learn a lot about their culture and society.

As there are different islands in the place and each community has their own homestays. 

best travel destinations


The authentic food is very simple and delicious. You can have meals facing the islands and watching the sunset view.

At night you can have candle light dinner under the moon and enjoy your date with your partner.

If you will ever travel to Indonesia visit Raja Ampat also as Bali is too main stream and I am sure you would like to explore the unexplored beauty of the world and aware everyone that rather than going to the known places they should travel to the unknown places and it is also considered one of the best travel destinations

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