Things that will make you remember your 90s

Want to go back to your good golden days when you were young? Are you also from your 90s and misses sometimes your childhood? Well today we have come up with some of the amazing things that will make you feel nostalgic about 90s

So, lets’ begin with the list of things that will make you remember your 90s

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Video and audio cassettes

These two were one of the best things when we were in 90s as it was the only thing by which we could hear our favorite songs and we could also mix them up according to our requirement and we would just love to listen this at any point of time.

Cassettes are one of the most amazing part of the 90s as we could keep 50-60 songs in that and if one side’s songs used to get over we would just slip the other side to listen the songs more of our choice.

But because of the heading technology this was vanished from the market and new things came into being that was more feasible to use for all of us.

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Video games

In the summer vacation we would just not go out and play the Mario and other video games at home and used to chill like a boss without any tension. This used to make us very happy when we were child.

Video games were very important part of our life as we have our cell phones now. No wonder, how time flies. But this is one of the things that you will remember always in your lifetime.

When we used to fight for the video games from our siblings and ended up fighting. The craze was something else only.

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Every weekend on Sunday, we would just get up in the morning and would just switch on the TV to watch our favorite daily soaps on Dooordarshan. We would watch Hum Paanch, Chandrakanta and many more.

That was the perfect family time and picnic also at home. But then when people got better options in cable they migrated towards cable and there are only few home left now who probably watch that channel.

Doordarshan had every kind of show in that channel and would keep us entertained every time. But now we can just remember that thing. This is one of the things to remember of 90s

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Slam books

Remember these books? Yes, you must be feeling nostalgic right now as we all have filled these books in schools and in colleges and we can’t forget how amazing it was while filling that book. It was seriously an amazing experience that we can never forget.

We used to write each and every possible thing that we know and want to tell the other person. Just to know the feelings of our heart we used to pen down everything to let know the other person. Slam books were best friends and we loved filling that book again and again. This is one of the

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Playing outdoors

This was one of the most amazing things we did in 90s and we are glad that we were not born after 90s as today’s kids don’t go out and play which is very bad as they should do it because they will developed and it’s the right age to play.

They will be fit and healthy if the kids play outside. We used to play stapu and hide and seek along with a lot of things. These things kept us going in our childhood.

So, these are some of the things you should remember if you were born in
90s and for more lifestyle related updates stay tuned to this segment.

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