These Toxic Habits Are One The Reasons For Your Anxiety

Anxiety is no unknown word in today’s time. Data shows there are an estimated 84 million people in the world which are going through anxiety issues. People of any and every age are fighting their way out whenever they experience anxiety issues. But what is the major reason for an anxiety attack?

While there is an end number of underlying reasons for the same, your daily habits and your lifestyle also plays a significant role in making you feel that way. How you live, your reaction of different issues, your likes/ dislikes, habits everything is involved. Well, the best part about them is they are solvable issues. All you need to do is identify them and mold your way of behaving in a particular pattern.

So here is a list of daily habits which may be one of the reasons you are going through anxiety issues.

Addiction Of Social Media Sites

Wait for a second and think, how much time do you spend on social media sites? Isn’t it the first thing you touch right after getting up in the morning? And the last thing you see before sleeping?
Well, we live in the age of new media. We have our individual cell phones, a constant and cheap flow of the internet and ample of time to waste. If we see the current habits of people, especially teens and youngsters, most of their time is utilized in checking their or other social media handles.
They see the lavish and luxurious lifestyle of others and start comparing it to themselves. This habit leads to an unsatisfied life, sorrow, and a sense of “lacking behind”.
Social media holds a very powerful position, it can either give us positive (which is quite low if you look at the stats) and negativity.

experience anxiety issues.
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Irregular Sleep Pattern

One of the major reason behind anxiety can be not getting enough sleep. Giving your body time to repair and heal is very crucial, that why everything comes down to Sleep. Because that’s what good sleep do. You sleep habits must be given special consideration. This can be a reason why you experience anxiety issues.
Anxiety can ignite when you feel stressed out of something. When you skip sleep at night, your brain comes up with useless and made up scenarios. You spend all the time thinking about ‘things’ which create every more anxiety in you. Sleep anxiety will deteriorate your health like never before.

Being A News Addict

Addiction can be in any form, about anything. News addiction is not that surprising though. Continuously coming notifications and spicy headlines are just impossible to ignore. Whether it can be your thirst of current affairs or the habit of being posted about news, you are likely to feel somewhat a worrying behavior.
This continuous cycle of news of phone and scrolling through feeds just to get something new stimulates many perception habits inside you. This makes you then feel helpless, and can trigger the anxiousness in you.
Another issue here is the kind of news that this circulated nowadays. They are full of sensationalizing and are harmful and upsetting in nature. So if you feel bad, worry about the nature of the news, helplessness, it as a RED SIGN.

Always Worrying About How You Look

Do you also spend hours trying 100 of dresses before going anywhere yet end up choosing none?
For so many people, the matter of fact how they look and appear in the eyes of others play a very crucial role. They are every time worried about how they look. Especially before going to a party or meeting someone. If you also feel yourself with a somewhat identical situation, its high time you calm down. This can be a reason why you experience anxiety issues.
Having confidence in yourself is positive behavior and it fights any and every sort of anxiety for you. Though keeping yourself motivated and high confidence can be a bit difficult often. Thus, you must consider exercising positive self talk. Keep boosting your self esteem.

experience anxiety issues.
Pic Courtesy – Medical news Today

Stay Away From Negativity

Always maintain distance from people who come with a bad vibe in your life. If you want to grow in a beautiful flower, you must detach yourself with any and all kinds of toxic personalities. Stay away from negativity as far as you can. Try to be around with people who understand you, deal with your issues. Not the ones who leave no space to criticize you, even if that is your partner. Keep a fair distance from a toxic relationship and toxic friendship.
We live in an environment which feeds on the energy of people. Where, how and with whom you live directly affects your mood. When you are sad, helpless, anxious around people and situations they cause, you are more likely to experience anxiety issues.
So, make sure to live in a more happy and lively space, around people who love you and take care of you. Trust me you will blossom in a good and healthy human being.

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