These Reasons Will Convince You To Travel During Rainy Season

When it comes to travelling in the rainy season answer is a big NO! It is more like a mess than enjoying and can spoil your whole voyage mood. But if we look at the benefits we might consider this as a good time to take a trip.

travelling in the rainy season

Rainy season gives you the best scenic view.

Rain makes everything beautiful. All those water drenched trees, leaves covered with droplets gives a perfect scenic picture for your eyes.
Travelling in the rainy season aids your mood by eliminating those harsh summer heat and makes the environment cool and calm for you to enjoy it.

We all love petrichor, don’t we? Imagine experiencing the same familiar smell while on a trip. It will uplift your mood 110%. What a lovely view it will be when everything part of the scene is reviving its true colours from dust and mud. Just magnificent!

travelling in the rainy season

Fewer Crowds.

As I said earlier, very few people prefer travelling in rainy season which means lesser crowd. You will get more time to enjoy the real essence of beauty without any hassle or rush. Also, if you like to travel alone this is your time to enjoy the phase. No nuisance, no long lines, just you and your beautiful landscape.

travelling in the rainy season

Save Some Bucks.

Planning a trip means you definitely need a good amount of money. But if you are short on a budget this time is perfect for you to travel. Rainy seasons is considered an off season time. Starting from flights to accommodation, everything is cheap. So, travelling in the rainy season is a perfect time for you to can easily plan a budget trip without burning a hole in your pocket.

travelling in the rainy season

Brew Up Your Romance.

There is nothing more romantic than lying on a comfortable couch, feeling cosying with your partner and sipping something hot while watching each drop of rain dripping on the ground. Just imagine if you can do the same while not sitting at your home but at your dream place? So what are you waiting for? Get your passport ready!

travelling in the rainy season

Spend Time Without Phone

Today we all are so busy in our cell phones; we barely take out time to appreciate the beauty of the world, even if we are on a trip. Rainy season gives you a perfect reason to stay away from our phone. Of course, you can’t take them along during rain, right? No more calls, no messages nothing! It will be just you, beautiful weather and the amazing scenery.

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