These books are must- haves if you are a book lover

Books are the most fun part if you are a book lover and mostly people around the world have different taste in reading books. Some like romantic novels; some are into religious novels so it basically depends. There are some books that I am going to write about.

Books are the important part of a book lover and reading is the only way to make your mind thoughtful and stress free as it keeps you busy with what’s happening in the book that you are reading. So, here are some gifts for books reader that you can give them on special occasions.

gifts for books reader
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Kitty Wars (Daman Singh)

If you are into history and like to know more about the historical events so this book is definitely for you. Written by Daman Singh, the writer has mentioned each and every detail of World War II and its impact on Indian society in every aspect.

In the middle of all this a how a girl struggle to find her love and life. What happens with her and does she find love? You will get answers once you finish reading this book. It sounds interesting to me how the author has plotted his own fiction character in the middle of World War II.  

gifts for books reader
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Love and learning under the Magnolia (Bulbul Sharma)

Written by Bulbul Sharma, the book is about an enchanting story of self-discovery in the middle of the village Magnolia. The story has a lot of twist and turns and after reading this novel you will start loving yourself and you will feel like going on a vacation like her as you got so busy with everything else in your life that you didn’t get time to invest in you.

The book will put question mark in your mind as who you are and give you self motivation.

gifts for books reader
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A place for us (Fatima Farheen Mirza)

This book is about Indian Muslim family who are preparing for the wedding of their eldest daughter and the whole extended family of the bride gathers to attend the function. All of them wonder how her younger brother Amar behaves in the marriage as he was away from the family for past three years.

It is about the family drama that I think goes on with every family in India. But despite of all the drama how they come close to each other is a thing to read.

gifts for books reader
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A girl like that ( Tanaz Bhathena)

This is one of the best gifts for books reader especially to your female friend. Tanaz Bhathena is the author of the book and the main lead Zarina Wadia who hails from Saudi Arabia is bullied at school and beaten at her home by her father. The story tells us a lot about teenage life and sexuality and patriarchy society that still prevail in our lives.

How she tackles all that and come out of it is the story and it is based on the struggle and problems she had to go through and I think being a woman we all should take stand for what is wrong.

So, these are some of the gifts for books reader and for more lifestyle related updates stay tuned!

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