The most dangerous roads around the world!

most dangerous roads
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Roads are the best means of transport for a shorter distance and it has been one of the safest ways to reach anywhere. Roads have fulfilled the basic necessity of life and it has become easy to move from one place to another.

But if they are the safest mode then let me just tell you that there are a lot of dangerous roads around the globe that you will be amazed to know. 

Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

It is one of the most dangerous roads that you have ever seen. The road has been carved out by the local people of the village. They have done this because there was no means of transportation through which they can go somewhere.

They had no contact with the urban areas and they were isolated alone which is why they decided to make this road so that they are able to connect with the outer world too and it is highly dangerous.

most dangerous roads
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Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

Taroko Gorge road lies in Taiwan and it is considered one of the most dangerous roads in Taiwan.

The road has a lot of sharp turns and narrow paths and a lot of accidents keep on happening here due to its narrowness. The road has been made in such a way that the mountains are still intact at its place and they have carved out the road through the middle of them. 

most dangerous roads
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Pasubio, Italy

This road id situated in Northern Italy and is one of the most dangerous roads of Italy. Here driving should be

perfect for such roads and there is an area where the vehicles are strictly restricted. The people of the region travel through cycle while taking this route in order to save them from accidents.

most dangerous roads
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North Yungas Road, Bolivia

This road is also known as “The road of death” because of its narrowness and it is in Bolivia. Everyday people die on this road due to carelessness and disbalancing of vehicles that leads to the accident.

The surface of the road is rough and unstable that makes it difficult to go through this road.

most dangerous roads
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Zojila, India

Zojila is located in Kashmir on the Indian National Highway 1D between Srinagar and Leh. It is narrow and very dangerous and often muddy and icy too that makes it hard to travel on this road.

It is considered as the second highest pass in the Himalayan mountain range.

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