The Human Ego and How to Overcome

“Kuch bhi karne ka ego hurt nahi karne ka” What is the ego? How does it impact our life and society ? How one need to overcome from ego? These are the questions which are roaming into my mind from long time . Let us understand the ego and see how we can overcome from it.

The ego is a part of the human mind that many of us have a hard time understanding. Even modern psychology has a hard time understanding what the ego is. The ego is the system within the brain that performs intellectual-cognitive, perceptual, defensive and executive functions. These functions help us to organize and understand our thoughts by giving us reason and common sense.

It is important that we understand the ego because it plays an important role in how you perceive and experience reality. If your ego is imbalanced, it could allow the destructive side of your personality to take control. This can make our life miserable because we may attract a lot of negative experiences into our reality.

Because the ego plays a very important role in creating your experiences, many of your positive and negative experiences are manifested through the ego. For example, when you have an idea that you want to experience, the ego allows that idea to be held. This allows time for the idea to manifest through the action of the Law of Attraction . When manifesting your experiences, you must be specific about what you want to experience. Otherwise, you may end up attracting things that you do not want.

Most of us have an overactive ego because we do not want to take personal responsibility for our actions. When our ego is overactive, it is hard for us to find happiness because we do not know what we want. This is because we usually experience a lot of fear and loneliness. Thus, when we have an overactive ego, we have a hard time finding happiness. Having an overactive ego sometimes makes us delusional because our ego is usually in control of our thoughts and emotions. This is not good because being in this state makes us vulnerable to manipulation and control.

The society we live in is highly built around the concept of manipulation and control, which is why we should learn how to take control of our ego. Because of the way our society operates, our ego has been programmed to support excuses instead of personal responsibility, hate instead of love, wars instead of peace, and competition instead of cooperation.

Instead of fighting with our ego, we need to learn to work with it and bring it back into balance because it is a part of who we are. When our ego is brought back into balance, finding happiness, success and love become a lot easier.

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