Tattoos That May Cause You Trouble In Your Professional Life

Tattoos and people’s mindset around the same have evolved a lot with time. Initially, tattoos were a style statement associated with bikers and outlaws. Whereas now, people’s perception has changed and they see it more casually. There are ample people who walk confidently with tattoos all around their body. With time attitude has also changed a lot.

Tattoos affecting professional setting is not something we hear more often these days. This reason is no more heavily affecting your job or professional setting like it used to in earlier times. But that doesn’t mean you have the liberty to show off a full hand of tattoo at our workplace. It’s a BIG NO.

Love for a tattoo is obviously subjective in nature. If you are one of them who love to paint their hands with permanent ink, it’s perfectly fine, just go for it but if you are occupied with the question of “What tattoos should I get” read this before having one.

Tattoos affecting professional setting

Even though we have come a far way when tattoos were a big deal and used to become the talk of the town, ignoring all the other life variables while having one is not a good idea.

Considering the advice from tattoo artists, they also have witnessed many people regretting later about the place they embedded their tattoos. No matter how much people around you try to support you, there will be still some malcontent ones around you.

Whether tattoos really affect the job opportunities or not has always been a debatable topic with no conclusions yet, still there are some specific sorts which may led you into trouble in your professional setting.  

So here are some sort of tattoos that may cause you trouble in your professional life.

Tattoos affecting professional setting

Hand And Neck Tattoos

No matter how much the society denies it, the old customary stigma around tattoos is still very much evident. When it comes to places which one cannot hide. Like the back of your neck tattoos, fingers, palms, you are likely to get yourself into trouble in conventional professional locations. Your full hand tattoo is a NO if you are into some traditional job setting.

Also if we look at the other aspect, such tattoos are a problem when you are more into the corporate sector. Many tattoo artists suggest, “ a hand, neck or finger tattoos will not degrade your pay or affect your job if, suppose, you are working into restaurant sector but the corporate field is just not going to accept this”. So it whole depends upon your profession.

Shady Tattoos

If you are planning to get a tattoo at some visible place of your body like neck, hand or even foot, just go for a design which is not so shady in its appearance. Of course, it is going to be visible to the world, most importantly to your boss and trust me he is just not going to be happy to see a skull or snake embedded into your body (until unless he too has one).

So, ask your tattoo artist to suggest you some less troublesome design for your conventional workspace situation. But then, if you have decided a dark theme, make sure the body part is not a high profile one.

Tattoos affecting professional setting

Marijuana Leaf

Tattoos are always associated with your personality. They depict what and how you are. And because of their overt nature, you should be very careful while choosing one for yourself. Tattoos such as pot leaves may depict you as a regular marijuana taker.

Tattoos affecting professional setting

Face Tattoo

Face tattoos are nowadays very much in trend. Whether it is a star-shaped one or the most prominent key design, people are just going crazy over to try them. But they are difficult to pull in work setting. They might look cool but in a long run, they can make you regret about it. Thus it is under the list of Tattoos affecting professional setting.

Tattoos affecting professional setting

Throat Tattoo

The last one in the list is the throat tattoo which can lead you to great trouble in your office. Reason being, it is just impossible to hide them in that collared formal shirt you wear. Even if you are opting for something soothing and harmless, its a good plan to think twice about it.

“I am often concerned how will they manage their clients in formal attire and a throat tattoo.”, A tattoo artist says, “of course with a good presentation, a perfect appearance is equally important and people often frown with neck tattoos”, he continues. So make sure to talk about your insecurities before having one on your body parts.

Tattoos are though becoming very common and acceptable with time in job sectors it’s always better to talk to our tattoo artist before actually stabbing one on your body. They will work as a perfect guide and helper for this situation.

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