Surprising Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar You Never Knew Existed

ACV has been used since ages for man cooking purposes. Whether it is salad dressing or marinating or even as an agent of preservations. But do you know the benefit and uses are not just limited to the kitchen or household chores but encompass many other fields? Our body is one of them.
apple cider vinegar
has unlimited benefits whether it’s your skin or hair, it covers it all. Because of its rich acetic acid and malic acid nature, this vinegar holds the potential of giving you an unblemished skin. SO here is a list of surprising benefits of apple cider vinegar you never know existed.

apple cider vinegar

1. Pimples And Acne

If you are tired of those stubborn pimples and acne and they don’t stop coming back, apple cider vinegar is your ultimately solution. Because of the presence of antibacterial substance, it fills the pores of your skin, eliminating the space for oil and dust inside it. Also, apple cider vinegar is a great skin toner as it holds anti-inflammatory properties.

Simply mix the vinegar with water in a small bowl. Using cotton balls pat those affected areas and wash it after 10 – 12 minutes with warm water. Keep repeating the same process for few days and trust e the results will amaze you.

apple cider vinegar

2. Detoxification Agent

In today’s time where most of us full our stomach with unhealthy outside/junk food, detoxification is a must and apple cider helps your body in performing this process with ease. Because of the good enzymes and acetic acid present in ACV, our body easily flushes the waste things out. Surprisingly it also eradicates the problem of constipation.

apple cider vinegar

3. Foot Odour

Do you know Apple cider vinegar has the power to change the pH level of your body? Yup! That’s right. The properties ACV acquires also fight the sweat creating bacteria ultimately eliminating the reason for feet odour.

4. Reducing Weight

Continuous growing weight has actually become one of the major problems in almost every household. Where there are unlimited reasons which can add up those extra pounds in your body, solutions are no less. Apple cider vinegar is one of them. Because of the presence of acetic acid, it helps in detoxifying the body and removes all those unhealthy, undigested starch.

apple cider vinegar

5. Removes Tan

Tan to a body looks appealing to some people, whereas others are not very fond of this unique style. If you are one of those who keep searching internet for the sunburn solution, apple cider vinegar is the answer to it. It helps in curing tan areas and heals sunburns. Just mix 4 cups of water with a half cup of ACV in it and massage on the affected areas for few minutes. Keep repeating the process for a while and the results will get obvious.

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