Stop Right Now If You Are Eating These Food Items In Your Office

We all have that habit of munching something during hours of work, don’t we? But looking at the survey reports of Kallo, this habit can lead you to consume extra 105,000 calories a year. Dieticians also warn that consumption of extra 600-70 calories a day can make you gain half a kilogram per week. So here is our list of what not to eat while at work.

foods not to eat

Peanuts do count

Surprising but yes! Peanuts are a healthy alternative while trying to lose weight but they are actually bad in a long run. It surely seems quite easy to munch half a cup of peanuts all at once. But do you know consuming that will add approximately 450 calories to your total diet and to burn that you need a good 1 hour long intense cardio? So limit your consumption of peanuts to a limit and not beyond so that it starts ruining your figure.

foods not to eat

Yup, Doughnuts are Included

When we talk about ‘what not to eat at work food items’, Doughnuts most probably tops amongst all. We all have a sweet tooth? and it is almost impossible to let go of these juicy, chocolate coated doughnuts even though we all know how unhealthy they are for our health. This snack can give you around 300 calories. Unless you have time for 45 minutes intense workout to shed these calories off, better stay away from them. Also, take a note of the amout of calories you are consuming in a day.

foods not to eat

Stop eating Cookies

The most consumable item in an office environment is biscuits and cookies. They are the most convenient and ready to eat food item. But the harsh reality is due to their ingredients including 3-4 grams of fat can cost you around 100 calories a day. The recipe includes vegetable oil, sugar and white flour which are only going to ruin your health.
Also if you think digestive biscuits are a saviour, do check this article to know the harsh truth.

foods not to eat

Not the black Coffee though!

Coffee is a rescuer in an office. But by coffee, we are not referring to the black coffee, but the milky one. If you are a fan of milky coffee, even a small cup will lead you gaining extra 900-1000 calories a day. So make sure to pick a right cup of coffee before consuming it. Milky coffee can affect your diet plan resulting in weight gains and is totally a ‘not to have’ drink in office.

foods not to eat


Excess is bad! Same is the case with nuts and dried fruits. They are quite healthy if consumed in a limited amount. So, if you are on a diet routine, stop munching full pocket of nuts just because they are easily accessible. You should probably avoid eating them at the workplace.

food not to eat


Last but not least, Pretzels. They are an ideal snack consumed in an office. Its handy and doesn’t need any special treatment. Just take them out from lunch voila! you can eat them But the craving doesn’t stop at eating one and we end up consuming a lot more than we should. Around 10 pretzels carry 230 calories! Yup its shocking but true. So next time count your bites.

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