Stop Apologizing For These Things In Your Relationship

The word Sorry acquires so much importance in itself that it can make and break any relationship in a minute. It often plays a very important role in melting any heated argument and calming people and situation both down. Apologising at times when you are the culprit makes you look mature and responsible. But have you ever wonder these apologetic words that you say are justified?

Sometimes in order to push aside an argument, people often say sorry about things they shouldn’t. There is a very thin line between your mistake and your personality. And you must never apologise for what personality you carry. So here is a list of situations you should never apologize for.

never apologize

Personal Interest

Everyone in this world has a different personality. We all are diverse from each other in terms of hobbies and interests we carry. Just because you are into a serious relationship with someone doesn’t mean you need to mould yourself for them. If you have some personal interest that your partner is not fond of that is not mistake and you should never apologize for it. You both need to appreciate each other’s choices and interest rather than complaining about it. So don’t apologise for it. Instead, ask them to motivate you for the same.

never apologize

Different Opinion

You all come from a different background, culture, living conditions and beliefs. This miscellaneous attitude is quite visible in the opinions you form. When you are in a relationship there is a possibility for both the partners to conclude on a different judgment on the same subject matter. This sometimes led up to a heated argument but that doesn’t mean you need to be apologetic about it. There is no harm is expressing what you feel, even if that views are different from that of your partner’s. So, never apologize for saying something you mean.

never apologize

Asking For Space

Sometimes a too much gushy relationship can result in making it a bit suffocating. You need to understand that there is no harm in asking for a bit of space. Asking for alone time is not something you should apologize about. Of course, we all need that ‘me’ time in a relationship, not just to find ourselves but to give a good boost to the relationship. Being independent is no harm. Experts often say that in order to keep the freshness alive, couples must stay away from each other time to time. So have no shame in asking for a separate space from your partner.

never apologize

When It’s Not You

When you look back in time you will realize how many times you said ‘sorry’even if it was not your fault. Many people often apologize to their respective partners when it’s not even their fault. The reason behind this is quite simple – to calm down the situation and ignore any sort of heated argument in the future. But for once ask yourself is it worth your apology? Sorry is a word which has a very strong message attached to it and when its empty, it will only harm your beautiful bonding. So, you should never apologise for something you haven’t done.

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