Step-By- Step GuideTo Help Yourself Get Over Your Recent Break-Up

Breaking up with someone that you were in a relationship with and cared about deeply can be a hard and turbulent time for anyone. Life starts to lose meaning and even getting out of bed everyday can become a task.

We’re here to help you get over this loss , and the following is a list of a few things you can do to get your life back on track :

Spend time on pampering yourself-

pamper yourself

When you break-up with your significant other , it is bound to have a negative effect on your self esteem. It is a good idea to visit the salon , get a haircut and hit the gym. Exercising regularly will not only help you get a fit and healthy body , but it also helps with the release of endorphins , which are ‘happy’ hormones, whose presence in the body will help you get the feeling of a natural ‘high’.

Pick up a new hobby –

A break up leaves you with ample time on your hands , and it is important to spend this time productively , rather than spending time stalking your ex on various social media platforms. A new hobby such as singing , playing an instrument or dancing should be taken into consideration at such a time and will have a healing affect on your mind , body and soul.

Start writing a journal –


Writing and maintaining a diary , in which you are able to write down your daily thoughts is an activity recommended by numerous therapists and psychologists , and can help you get a grip on your though process. This will help you recognize patterns and organize your thoughts and can be beneficial in clearing your head from unwanted ones.

Focus on your career –

career after break up

There is no better time to start focusing on earning more money and excelling in your career than this. Doing well on the work front or in your studious will help you feel empowered , and channeling all the negative emotions into working hard will help you get results like never before.

Spend time with people that you love

It is essential to not isolate yourself in this difficult time and as much as you might feel like locking yourself up in your room alone , the  right way ahead would be to spend time with friends and family that care for you and you feel at ease with. Talking and venting out to them , and doing things together that give you happiness will help you further yourself on track of recovery.

Learn to forgive and forget-

break up
The word FORGIVE written in vintage metal letterpress type on a soft backlit background.

A huge part of moving on is accepting that the breakup has happened , forgetting and not cribbing about wondering why it happened and what you could have done about it is an essential part of moving on. It is okay to feel sadness , to cry and it is important to remember that it is natural that these emotions will stay with you for sometime and that time is the best healer.

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