Spicy food lovers should definitely try these destinations

Love eating spicy food? There are a lot of places that serves highly spicy food that you must try if you are spicy food lovers.

Some people love sweet some like spicy and people all around the world come to eat spicy food here. Now let’s explore the destinations that serve spicy cuisines all around the globe.

eating spicy food
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If you are in Thailand and you love eating spicy food then your dream has truly come soon. If you want to experience street food, soups or anything Thailand is the perfect place for you. 

Thai food uses aromatic herbs, spices and vegetables to create a fascinating different cuisine that is famous all over the world. 

eating spicy food
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India is known for its spices and tea and in India spicy means red chilies, garlic and cardamom and much more ingredients that they add in almost each and every authentic dish they make.

If you eat spicy food then India is the best destination for you that you must visit to taste the local cuisines and spiciness of the food here. 

eating spicy food
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China is also amongst the countries that serves spicy food. The people love spicy food here and almost all the restaurants serve this kind of food.

They also make Sichuan peppercorn which they add in every dish. They make it with infusing dried chilies, oil in it. 

eating spicy food
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Korea famous dish ‘Buldak’ is really spicy and means fire chicken. Now by this name you would have got to know how spicy it would be. It is served in almost all the restaurants in Korea and you cannot even imagine the spiciness of the dish.

Another dish is Kimchi which is made up of fermented cabbage with hot chilies in it. The spiciness of these dishes is another level. 

eating spicy food
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Here, green chilies are considered another vegetable and you will find chilies in every dish. The most famous dish in Bhutan are Email Datshi which contains cheese and green chillies.

Another is Phaksha Paa where the pork is cooked with red chillies and Momo dumplings stuffed with beef, cabbage and cheese. 

So, if you are into eating spicy food then you should definitely head to these countries for the best experience. For more food related updates stay tuned!

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