Some trending games that you would love to explore in your vacations

Whenever it comes to playing anything rather than playing outside people mostly kids prefer to be inside and play on mobile.

By seeing this the inventors of the games have got a boost and they have come up with different type of trending games that never existed before.

People these days are more crazy for mobile games and the technology has also have come so far that you can create a good game for the kids out there and today I am going to tell you top 5 high rate games that people play around the world and grabbed a lot of attention within a short span of time.

trending games

Clash of clans

The game is for both android as well as for other phones. Here the player has to attack the other team players in order to earn the resources and from that resource they have to build there own area in the village.

There are four types of resources Gold, elixir and gems are also there. 

trending games


This game is basically famous in the US and Canada and is the card game. The game can be played by a singles also. In the country like USA and Canada the word solitaire are referred with cards and it is also known as patience game in other countries.

 The game is usually played in between the two persons or sometimes one also. It is considered the best time pass all over the world.

trending games

Player’s unknown battlegrounds (PubG)

This is the most common and trending game across the globe. The game has been developed by the PUBG Corporation. In the game about hundreds of players are there in the battle ground and they have to escape from being killed by others.

Although the game received a positive response from the audience and it has now become the game of the year.

trending games

Pokémon Go

It is also one of the trending games that people are playing these days. The game has been developed for IOS and Android phones. It was launched in 2016 and ever since that time people or the players have gone crazy after this game.

Within a short span of time, the game got millions of subscribers. This game is a train virtual creature known as Pokémon and you have to catch them by turning on your GPS location and the best part is that you will feel as if they are in front of you.   

trending games

Candy Crush Saga

This game is a puzzle video game that was launched in April, 2012. It is for both IOS as well as Android users. This game is all about swapping the same colored candies from the board and replacing them with the new ones.

By swapping the same colored pieces you can earn points which will you let you play for a longer run and the more you will earn points the more you will get candies to survive in the game to score more.

So, these were some of the trending games that you must try once if you are into videos games. For more related content stay tuned!


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