Some important nail care tips to keep them healthy and beautiful

Being healthy and fit is really important these days as we are trapped in cities and in pollution and it is necessary to keep yourself fit. It is also important to keep your skin, hair and other parts of the body.

Usually you care about the main parts of the body like face, hands, legs and many more. But at the same time it is also essential to take care of your nails as they also need an extra care.

We normally think that washing your hands with soap is enough to clean our hands and especially nails so you are wrong. There are a lot of nail care tips that you can opt for in a day-to-day life.

nail care tips

File your nails

The first and foremost rule is to file your nails on a daily basis. If you do this every day your nails won’t look out of shape or bad and it looks nice and perfectly shaped. So, take out 5 minutes of time and trim them. If not everyday then you can do in on weekends or may be alternative days.

But trimming is really important to keep it healthy and good.

nail care tips

Remove your nail paint properly

Ladies, I know we all love nail paints and we go mad after it but let me tell you that for a healthy nails you have to remove nail paint properly even from the corners. Thoroughly clean your nails when you remove nail paint.

It will help your nails to look fresh and clean. Gently scrub your nails and skin around this to remove all the dirt and dead skin.

nail care tips

Try to keep your nails short

Always try to keep your nails short and round as they will look more clean and healthy and hygienic. Round nails have an advantage that they look simple yet classy.

The best part is that anyone can keep it as it will go with every kind of fingers, be it bit thin or not.

Keeping your nails long you might feel little bit difficulty as they are not hard and they can break down very easily within a very short span of time. Keeping short and round nails won’t have this thing as they won’t have much space and moreover it is easy to carry also.

nail care tips

Apply base coat

It is one of the most important nail care tips as you should always keep in mind while applying nail paint that you will first go for a base coat as that will not only protect your nails from damage but also make you nail paint look saturated in one coat.

Applying a transparent coat in between your coats of nail paint will add an extra glam to your nails. This works as magic!

nail care tips

Moisturize your nails

Moisturize your nails as you do with your skin. Do this whenever you wash your hands as the skin becomes dry due to the soap and whenever you go to sleep just apply cream on nails.

Now this will keep your nails moisturized and intact and you will love your nails. It will keep on shining bright and they will be clean also. If not cream, you can use avocado or almonds oils to nurture your nails.

So, these were some of the important nail care tips for all the ladies out there. For more lifestyle related updates stay tuned!

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