Silly Things we do for our crush

Having crushes is absolutely normal and it’s a good feeling when you feel something for someone at your office as the best part is that you get to see that person on a regular basis and you can also go home with them.
But in order to impress them we do some weird things just to gain their attention. So, today we will talk about things we do for our crush

things we do for our crush
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You become a stalker

Obviously, when I talk about crush it automatically means that it is one sided and you must be acting like a psychopath in front of them as you would want to know each and every tiny information about them to know them better.

In the office you see a lot people around you or around them so you don’t have guts to confront your feelings. That’s why you end up stalking them and watching them from a distance or staring at them so that they can notice you.

People in love usually become stalker and everyone wants that if you are in love with someone then you should know every detail about them so you either stalk them on social media or normally in the office just to see whom they are talking to and about what.

You just want them to know that yes there is someone looking out for you. But always remember till the time you won’t talk to them how will they be able to come to know? It is one of the things we do for our crush

You start imagining things

This the most exciting part as you start imagining things with your loved ones. You start thinking how would it be if you guys start seeing each other. This makes you feel happy and start living happily.

But we will suggest you to talk to them so that you will not face any problems later on. If you would not talk to them then you might not get to know what they feel about you. Moreover, you will always be confused about what they want from you.

You will not regret you decision and you can also decide about what you have to do according to their final confession. The best part is that you will not be an option for him anymore. Imagining things in your head is good but only when you the same for each other.


There is a constant restlessness about the fact whether the other person is also in to you. Does he/she also love you the way you love them? That makes you really annoyed and if something bad happens between both of you then you start imagining bad things in your head that leads you to getting frustrated.

This constant feeling of thinking about the feelings of their beloved sometimes kills them and that leads them to frustration. So, we will suggest not thinking much and whenever you are around them just try to get an idea about what they think about you. It is one of the things we do for our crush

things we do for our crush
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Analytical skills

When the love is one sided or whether we are in the process of knowing what other person think about you we tend to analyze their each and every step towards us about what do they feel about you. You will judge them in this process, love them and hate them too.

You will analyze each and every move and you would then think in two perspectives – one is positive and the other is negative. You all of a sudden gain different things in life where in you try to think positive also as well as negative also.

things we do for our crush
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Confession day

This day will be very special for you as you will be telling your feelings to that person. People usually don’t tell their feelings easily but the moment you will tell them you will find peace as you don’t have to think about anything from now on.

So, just go and tell your feelings to your crush and these are some of the things we do for our crush and always remember that you have to confront your feelings to them as it might solve your all problems. For more relationship related updates stay tuned!

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