Silly Things That Leads To A Break-Up

You must be thinking that a full blossom relationship has to go through a breakup phase when someone cheats or because of the money issues or lying and such major issues.

Well, not really. These big issues are surely one of the major reason why couples fall apart but you will be surprised to know there are other silly things that lead to a breakup. These small and silly issues often get stacked up and become a forcing power which ultimately leads a happy relationship to break up.

silly things that lead to a breakup
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These small issues, instead of affecting you physically, strike you with an emotional meltdown. One they are repeated on a short interval you will feel like “I am DONE”.

Though these small petty issues can be kept under control but because of their small presence, couples often choose the path of negligence. But in the end, these petty things play a very crucial part of the breakup process. so here are some of those silly things that lead to a breakup.

Ignoring Text Messages From Your Partner

Technology has played a very crucial part of couples in the digital age. No matter where they are, both partner can get in touch with each other using their mobile phones. Text messages, social media sites, all these have acquired a very special place in the life of couples.
But along with bringing good, it has also become a great source of misunderstanding and fights between partners.

Text messages may not look like a big deal to you but it can lead a happy relationship into a toxic one.
Suppose your partner send you a text and they will be expecting you to reply immediately. If not then this action may create a sense of tension and feeling of abandonment in them.
Also, messages can be misunderstood because of their textual nature. If usually happens where one of the partners was trying to same something but the other one understood it in a completely different context.

Holiday Trips

Trips are meant to be for relaxing and spending time with your partner but this occasion can also result in a big meltdown/ fight between both the couples.
Where to go, what to eat, how to spend money, all these small things can become a big reason to fight on vacations.
So, in order to avoid such type of conflict, it is always better to plan ahead before actually going on a vacation. Sit together and plan mutually about everything. Food, accommodation, places to visit, note everything down in a diary or making a memo so that you follow the plan accordingly. These are very silly things that lead to a breakup.

Performing Several Tasks At One Time

Things, like checking your phone or working while at the dining table or with your partner while watching a movie, is not such a big deal. But when these things become a habit, they are more likely to create fights between couples.
Nowadays people are so busy with their work and other life outside the house that they barely manage to do one thing at a time. But while you are at home, especially with your partner, try to give all your attention to them instead of your work or other chores.
When you try to multitask, this habit creates a feeling of lack of attention in the environment and the other partner may feel they are less important to you. These are very silly things that lead to a breakup.

Less Romance

When a couple has been in a long-term relationship, the level of intimacy usually gets less. Less Sex, almost negligence amount of cuddling, all this can result in detachment among couples.
Especially when both of them have become used to each other’s presence, a bit of change in the intimacy level can lead to fights and detachment feeling in the relationship.
In order to save your relationship from these silly things that lead to a breakup, just try to give time to your partner. Hold hands, watch Netflix together, go on dates all these things will bring a new level of love and intimacy in your relationship. Try to make moments together.
When you spend time with your partner and make them feel loved, the chances of misunderstanding and fights minimizes to very low.

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