Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Relationship is a place where we all feel safe, loved, and happy in an ease environment. But the case is not same for everyone. Many times these traits are absent leading to a noxious bond between couples. Pay attention to these signs of a toxic relationship.

You’re always walking on eggshells
An over controlling partner is the first sign of a toxic relationship. This doesn’t always mean physically threatening or violence; it can simply be that you feel frightened to share your opinions because you’re nervous and afraid of your partner’s emotional reactions. So if you find yourself keeping a low voice only to make your partner feel superior – it’s high time to think again.

couple fighting

Regular fighting
It is often said, “a healthy fight is a love booster in a relationship”, but constant misunderstandings are a bad sign for you. As couples get to know each other better, there should be a progression toward more understanding and less misunderstanding. Poor communication that never improves is toxic. With no communication, a relationship can never move forward.

You feel uneasy around your partner
Our body is very smart. It easily detects any threat around. So if you’re having physical issues like dizziness/passing out, chest pains, or you panic or feel nervous around our partner then it’s time to ask yourself, what is the root cause of these feelings? They might be symptoms of other problems but if your partner is the person that comes to our mind first, that is a sign that you need to give someone the boot to mend the problem. Take time and think is your relationship healthy?

controlling partner

Tug-of-war for power
Relationships are like the seesaw. If both partners understand their power, the seesaw stays relatively level and balanced. But if one person in the relationship has brought in a feeling of powerlessness, he or she may try to compensate by bearing down on the seesaw, shifting his or her weight, and perpetually uprooting or destabilizing his or her partner on the other side.

Your partner wants you all to himself
Sometimes distancing yourself from people for your relationship is fine. But there is a limit of everything. It’s never ok to break off relationships with friends and family when your partner or pal wants you to, that is a sign of a toxic relationship. Isolating the partner from friends and family is upsetting, it is an attempt to control and manipulate without interference from the partner’s support system.

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